How to transfer contacts from Outlook to Gmail

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For a few days you have a new Android smartphone and are trying to transfer contacts from Outlook to your Gmail account to use Google services, but without success? Are you new to using Gmail and you need to pass Outlook email contacts to your Google account but you don't know how to do it? Quiet, read on and you will find out how to transfer contacts from outlook to gmail.

transfer contacts from Outlook application to Gmail, and then find them in your Android smartphone, you must first export contacts in VCF format (vCard File).

Performed the operation from Outlook (you can also do it with old Nokia, Samsung phones, etc .. since they support the VCF format) you just have to import them to Gmail. To do this you need to open Microsoft Outlook (2010), from the menu Fillet choose options. In the Outlook Options window select the entry Advanced then click on the button Export. In the Import / Export Wizard, choose the item Export to a file and click on NEXT. In the next window select Comma Separated Values ​​(Windows) and click on NEXT. In the window Select the folder to export from, Choose Contact Us and click on NEXT. Enter the file name to save it in a folder and click on Save. The extension will be CSV.


Then log in to your Gmail account and at the top left click on the writing gmail. A context menu will open immediately: select the item Contact Us.

In this environment you can enter new contacts, or, by positioning yourself to the right on Other, open another menu. Among the various items, choose Import. This small window will allow you to import contacts in VCF or CSV format.

Select Choose file and go to the folder where you previously saved Outlook contacts to upload them. In case of duplicate contacts, you can through the menu Other and command Find and merge duplicates, delete them to create a single contact.

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