How to test the security of the wireless network

You need to test the security of the wireless network but you don't know how to do it? Don't worry, in this post we will explain how to do it.

Most users try to protect their computer by installing the latest version of the antivirus, but there is a threat against which the antivirus and firewall are powerless: access to the router.

When we are connected to the Internet, everything passes through the router, if someone could take control of it, they could access our local LAN. It is normally only protected with a couple of passwords that should be changed; in fact, users tend not to change the default passwords that are known to everyone as they are also reported in the user manuals; same problem is also present with Wi-Fi.

The routers provided by the various providers: Alice, Fastweb, Infostrada, Vodafone, etc., are preconfigured, so they already have one WPA key for Wi-Fi access. This password is different for each router, but is calculated with a algorithm on the basis ofESSID: the name that identifies our wireless network among the others and that we use to make the connection.

Knowing the algorithm used to generate the default password based on the ESSID, the pirate can easily calculate the key WPA. The algorithms are many, it is true, each provider uses a different one, but there are programs that automate the procedure and are able to calculate the default WPA keys of all the main router models on the Spanish market.

test the security of the wireless network, there is a program you can download to your computer called Ufo-Wardriving. It is able to highlight if we are vulnerable or not and with more than 25 router models in its database. It can also determine, by calculating the password, if a wireless network has a default password.

After downloading and installing it, open it and click on the menu item Instruments and then on Scanner to get a list of routers available in the area, and right-click on the name of our network to select from the menu that will open: 

  • Mac copy
  • Copy Key
  • Copia SSID

On the left panel we choose ours telephone operator and paste the required value (Mac, SSID or both), press the button Find. As if by magic, the exact will be returned default access key to our Wi-Fi, if it matches ours, it is time to change it.

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