How to take polls on Instagram

Finally Instagram has introduced a new function, that of do polls on Instagram. The option is similar to the procedure used to insert stickers or emoticons in Stories, and allows you to ask questions and then see the results.


The poll sticker can be placed wherever you like right after posting in your Story (Instagram Stories) a photo or video. Next you have to click on stickers button, located at the top right, and insert a survey.

In the popup that appears, you can write the question to be submitted to your followers to create the survey and choose two types of possible answers, which can be either the predefined ones: Yes or No, or choose which one to set yourself, for example Ronaldo or Messi?

By doing so, the followers will have the possibility to choose between two answers and see the result with the percentage of voters. The percentage will update every time you see the Story. Furthermore, if you have published the survey you will be able to see not only the list of users who have seen the Story, but also those who voted and which option they chose.

To make the Stories even more creative, Instagram has seen fit to also add a color palette for the texts, a tool to align texts and stickers and a brush.

All you have to do is press on end and apply the poll over your photos or videos by posting the Story to your followers.

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