How to stop missing out on eBay auctions

How many times has it happened to us eBay to have made the highest bid, but to still lose the auction because in the last seconds someone has raised and blown us the victory?

Well after having explained the tricks to win on eBay here's the way to never lose at auctions: to use AuctionSniper, a software capable of automating bids in the final stages of an eBay auction. We indicate the items we want to buy and the software makes the offer for us in the last few seconds. Of course we tell him how much we are willing to pay for an item and, therefore, it is not certain that we will win the auction, AuctionSniper is not free, but it gives us the opportunity to use it for three snipes (the raise in the final seconds) without pay anything. Subsequent times you pay a 1% commission on the final price with a minimum of 0,25 up to a maximum of $ 9,95.

Let's see how to win the auction at the last second through AuctionSniper which will automatically raise for us before the deadline of an eBay auction expires:

Let's register on the Site

Come on Auction Sniper and we press Sign Up. We enter the username and password with which we connect to eBay. We type in our email address, select the country and check the entry relating to the acceptance of services. We confirm and continue with Prova Auction Sniper Team!

Additional Information

We enter additional information, including first and last name, residential address and time zone. In the lower part we can select the type of e-mail messages we want to receive. Just put a check mark on the desired items and continue by pressing the button Complete registration.

Our offers

At the end of the registration we are redirected to the welcome page which shows the items for which we have bid on eBay. To import them into AuctionSniper just select them and then press the button Importa snipes. If the offers we made on eBay do not appear, we try to reload them by pressing Refresh list.

Let's modify a Snipe

now that we have imported the items to buy on eBay, we can modify the snipes by clicking on Modification. We can, for example, add a higher purchase price, which is the maximum price at which we are willing to buy our item. To confirm the changes, simply press Edit snipe!

We find an object

AuctionSniper allows you to search for an object to import directly into the site without going to eBay. Just go to the page of Research and enter the name. We do not check the Search directly on eBay item because otherwise a page on eBay is opened. Then, we choose the category in which to search. At the end, we press Run now.

Targeted Search

It may happen that the search results are too many or do not correspond to what we want to find. We therefore reward Modify search to access the advanced search functions where we can specify other options, such as, for example, the country where the object is located, the price and more. At this point we press Save.

Automatic Search

Searches are saved in AuctionSniper for quick repetition. Just press Run now next to the object name. If instead we prefer to use eBay, just write down the number of the item to buy, go to the page My snipes and copy it, in the Subject field, to Add a new snipe. We enter the maximum bid and reward Add.

We load the account

AuctionSniper allows you to make up to three free snipes to try the service. The subsequent ones, on the other hand, have a cost and, therefore, you have to pay to use them. To check your account balance and buy new credit, you have to go to My snipes and click Sale. With Add founds you can then proceed with the purchase of credit by credit card.

EBay's automatic bidding system

eBay has a well-known system that allows buyers to do automatic bids. In practice, when we make an offer, we enter the maximum amount we are willing to pay for the item. This amount will not be disclosed to the seller and other bidders, eBay bids for us - the bid is only increased by the amount necessary to keep us the highest bidder or reach the reserve price. This is until the maximum amount we have specified is reached. If another bidder makes the same bid before us or makes a higher maximum, eBay will let us know that our bid has been outbid so that we can re-bid. For more information, I am sent you to read the page

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