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If you have a company or a personal blog and you want to increase the likes of the Facebook page, I recommend you organize a Facebook contest.

The Zuckerberg social network allows you to create a contest directly in your timeline or company page, without necessarily having to resort to external apps and without taking into account the legislation in force in the individual countries. Although the internal changes grant more flexibility to companies registered on Facebook, the Spanish bureaucracy remains inflexible and requires to adapt the contests on Facebook to the procedure in force in Spain for the organization of a prize competition.

How to organize a Facebook contest

A company before create a Facebook contest must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Draw up a regulation in which the duration of the competition and the value of the prize will be established;
  2. Arrange a sum or a bank deposit to guarantee the prizes to be won;
  3. Submit the documentation to the Minister of Economic Development, including the PREMA form, 15 days before the start of the contest;
  4. Relying on a notary or consumer protection officer who will view each stage of the competition to verify the correct performance and award of prizes;
  5. Send the closing report to the Ministry through the PREMA form.

Failure to comply with one of these rules could result in very high fines of up to 500.000,00 euros.

Said this, organize a Facebook contest on its page will allow according to a new regulation of August 2016 to:

  • Use likes as a voting method
  • Use an app to manage the contest
  • Ask users to post on the contest page
  • Ask users to comment or post to sign up
  • Ask users to visit the contest page to see who won
  • Ask users to send a private message to participate.

Contest organizers will not be able to force users to tag on photos to vote and subscribe and share posts or photos to participate.

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