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uses Chrome as the default browser to browse the web but lately have you noticed that performance has dropped significantly? If you don't know Chrome is one of the fastest browsers and allows you to load web pages quickly and smoothly. In many cases, however, the installation of plugins or extensions, and a bad configuration of the settings, can lead to slow performance, with blocks and difficulties in downloading the websites you are visiting.

If you think you are in this situation, read on to find out how to speed up Google Chrome.

Chrome comes with a minimalist interface where the single ribbon works both as a search and as a URL entry element. It interfaces with all Web Application Google and offers the ability to install apps and extensions to add new features. It integrates Flash and has no sharing functionality, although they can be integrated separately.

To optimize Chrome, here are the best tricks for speed up Google Chrome, all you need to do is read and apply the tips you will find in the following lines. You will not get miracles but certainly benefits of performance and practicality.


Disable unused extensions

Type in the address bar chrome://extension and press Enter. From here you can deactivate and delete the extensions you want.

Disable unnecessary plugins

Similar to extensions, to disable plugins in Chrome you have to type in the address bar chrome: // plugins and press Submit.

Remove apps you don't need

Chrome is like a small operating system that allows you to install real applications. These often weigh down the PC. To remove you have to type in the address bar chrome: // apps, and press Submit. Then right click on the application and select Remove to Chrome.

Preload resources

Go to Settingsclick your Show advanced settings and check the item Preload resources to speed up page loading.

Experimental Canvas functions

Type in the address bar chrome: // flags / # enable-experimental-canvas-featuresaward Submit and click on Enable at the item Activate experimental canvas features.

Speed ​​up the closing of tabs

Type in the address bar chrome: // flags / # enable-fast-unload and enable the voice Enable fast closing of tabs / windows.

Set the number of Thread Raster

Type in the address bar chrome: // flags / # num-raster-threads and sets 4 in Number of raster threads (take care of rendering images in the browser).

Change the caching system

Type in the address bar chrome://flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend and, from the drop-down menu, in Simple cache for http select Attiva.

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