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Did you find a great video and want to share it with your friends but the beauty begins only in the sixth minute? Without downloading any video editor, even if Youtube has a video editor panel, it is possible share it from a specific point onwards.

Here's how to do it.

Go to the bottom of the URL and add &t=X mYYs, where X stands for minutes and YY stands for seconds.

For example to go to the 3:20 minutes of a video whatever just type at the end of the URL &t=3m20s.

If you are not sure which is the best point of the video you can rely on the "Wadsworth Constant”An axiom according to which the first 30% of videos can be safely skipped because useless.

In this regard, Google has decided to make us a Easter Egg, so if you type & wadsworth = 1 at the end of the URL you can directly skip the first 30% of it.

Here are two examples to test, the video is about 4 minutes, in the first link the video starts after 3:20 in the second after about 1:20 (30%).

  • wadsworth = 1

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