How to set up an automatic reply with Gmail

gmail, Google's e-mail service, offers many features, including that of set up an automatic reply which starts when you decide not to reply to emails.

If you also use Gmail for work, it will be useful to know that if you have to go on a trip or a vacation you can safely leave it the burden of responding through an automatic reply system. In this way you will guarantee professionalism and will not leave the sender doubt as to whether or not he has received his communication.

You will also give precise information on the fact that if you do not answer or call back there is a good reason and maybe you can direct the sender to a colleague who at that time has the task of replacing you.

Be vuoi scoprire how to set up an automatic reply with Gmail keep reading and take five minutes of your free time, because at the end of the reading you will understand what are the steps to take to set up an automatic responder.


To proceed you must first have an Internet connection and access your Gmail mailbox. Once the inbox is opened. through the browser, you have to select the item Settings found in the menu at the top right, marked with a gear symbol.

Scroll down the page until you get to the item Responder automatic. Click on Attiva responder automatic to add a check mark. Now the tool is active and you can activate absence messages, set start and end date.

In the fields with the dates you must indicate the first and last day of your absence in order to activate the responder only for that period.

You can create a title for your absence message and compose a short text to be sent to all senders of the emails that arrive in your inbox.

When done, click Save Changes and try sending yourself a mail from another account, to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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