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Do you want to send emails that self-destruct like in 007 movies? You want to know how to send emails or messages without leaving a trace? If you don't know, there are tools capable of keeping the information contained and sent via email secret.

If you want to find out what are the applications that allow you to send self-destructing emails without leaving any traces, all you need to do is keep reading this guide.

The best apps to send self-destructing emails

PrivNote allows you to send a text message to any recipient by generating a link. When the message appears this self-destructs. Messages are kept for up to 30 days. By entering your email address you can get the read notification.

DestructingMessage, is a service that allows you to send a message that self-destructs after being read. Using it is simple and also it is completely anonymous. Just go to the Home of the site, type the text and choose how to send it, whether to generate a link to the message that you can send either through a messaging program or through an email that will contain the link to the message. Finally, you can set the self-destruct time that starts as soon as the link is clicked. Messages must be read within 90 days.

Cloakmy, is an application that, compared to the others, allows you to create elaborate messages by choosing formatting, colors and attaching images. You can also add a password and set the mode to protect privacy: you can decide whether to make the message self-destruct after viewing or after a certain period of time.

TMWSD, it is used to create self-destructing messages after reading and to set a password protection. You can also decide to create multiple URLs for the same message and, by registering an account, view the messages created and manage the URLs later.

Crypt-A-Byte, in addition to sharing messages, it also allows you to attach files with a maximum size of 100 MB in encrypted form. You can also set up a notification for receiving messages, generate secure passwords, and use the portable desktop app.

QuickForget, no registration is required and for each sending you can set the number of times that can be displayed before the cancellation or the life time specified in hours or fractions of hours.

Due.Im, the recipient has only 24 hours to read the message, after which he will self-destruct. It is possible to add an extra layer of protection with a password and, if you don't have any in mind, the site offers an automatic password generation service.

Enigmail, is an extension compatible with the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client which can therefore be used with any email address configured in the program. The messages are digitally signed and can be encrypted so that only the recipient can read them.

Sbwave Email Encryption, is another online service that allows you to send secure email messages to anyone. When you compile the message you must type the key necessary for the encryption of the same, which must be communicated to the recipient, otherwise he will not be able to decrypt it.

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