How to send parcels from home and how much it costs

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There are some urgent cases in which you may need to have to send envelopes and packages and little time to go to the post office, in this case send parcels from home with the best online parcel shipping services is the best solution.

Why be forced to spend hours in line to make your shipment, when you can use one of the many parcel delivery services from home and optimize times? It is a very convenient but also fast and convenient mode, thanks to the various platforms that make it possible.

How online shipping works

If sending parcels from home is a real novelty for you, let's try to better understand how these services work and what you can do.

  online shipping platforms they allow, via PC or smartphone and an internet connection, to perform all those operations that are usually done at the post office counter.

There are no limitations of any kind, at any time of day or night and at any day of the year you can access the service.

using the parcel delivery from home you can calculate the price of the service and choose the most advantageous one based on different quotes.

You can book with just one click the collection of the package at your home. All you have to do is prepare the package, a delivery boy will take care of the collection and take it to the nearest parcel sorting center.

Payment for the shipment can be done online with credit or prepaid cards when confirming the purchase of the online shipping service.

You will receive a tracking code to be able to monitor the transit of the package until it arrives at the recipient and in case of problems, you can contact customer care for help.

Advantages of online shipping

Choose to send packages and envelopes from home it means accessing a series of benefits that can make your life easier.

First of all, you can avoid waiting in line at the post office saving a lot of time, with the opportunity to be able to do everything from the comfort of your home.

In fact, you will only have to think about the packaging, prepare the package, place the collection order at your home address, pay online and wait for the employee who will complete the actual shipment.

Another advantage lies in the possibility of being able to compare the rates of the various shipping sites and choose the one with the best price on the market. Furthermore, it is possible to enjoy continuous assistance on any type of problem related to the shipment.

But probably the most important advantage is that you can do urgent home shipments, both in Spain and abroad, as well as special and oversized shipments in a safe way.

What to do to send parcels from home, the main steps

Each online shipping service may have some variation to the instructions we are about to give you, but basically the main steps are the same for all sites.

Prepare the package

Choose the box of the appropriate size, pack each object well and fill in the empty spaces with special filler elements. Close the package properly using the specific tape for packages made with more resistant material, in order to avoid possible accidental opening during transport.

Take the measurements of the package

Get the measurements of the finished package, you will need these to do the calculation of the shipping rate on the website of the chosen online service. Generally you will have to indicate the dimensions and weight, specify if it is one or more packages and, if necessary, also specify the individual weight of each. After this step you will get a quote to understand the final cost of the shipment.

Enter your details and complete the payment

To proceed with the shipment you will need to enter the data of the sender and the recipient and choose any additional services for the shipment. Finally, you can complete everything by making the payment through one of the methods present.

Usually, the service emails the a waybill to be attached to the package by fixing it on its surface. At this point you will only have to wait for the package to be collected from your home.

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Send parcels from home, the best online services

We have seen what are the advantages of using this shipping method, now we offer you five of the best online services for shipping from home.

We premise that the costs of shipping and ancillary services all vary according to the type of pack, envelope o pallets to be sent, to their weight, to theirs dimensions and at the address and / or paese of destination.

Each of these sites has specific sections in which it is explained and illustrated: how to ship a package, how to pack a parcel list of prohibited items, the weight limits and measures and packaging materials. They also offer the parcel tracking service and a section of frequently asked questions for any doubts. is a portal for sending parcels from home, but also: envelopes and pallets in Spain and abroad, with delivery to over 210 countries around the world. The shipment is collected by the staff at their home address or other preferred address and immediately processed. They ensure fast delivery times and professionalism.

Couriers available for shipments: UPS – BRT – FEDEX – GLS – DPD – OMEST – DHL – BRIGL – DB – SCHENKER – TNT – SDA – POST AT. is a site of online shipments to ship in Spain and abroad, but only in some European countries, it offers very advantageous rates, especially for shipments of special items. In addition to packages, envelopes and pallets, bicycles, food, clothing, drinks, suitcases, computers and much more can be shipped.

Couriers available for shipments: Spanish Post - SDA - BRT - NEXIVE - GLOVO - Skynet TNT.

We ship, it offers a service of quick and easy home pick-up shipments. You can ship your packages and special packages in Spain and abroad, in most European countries and all over the world. It provides customer service for any type of problem encountered during and after shipping confirmation and the rates are among the most competitive on the market.

Couriers available for shipments: UPS exclusive. provides fast shipments from home with very advantageous rates and the best couriers. We can ship envelopes, pallets and packages in Spain and around the world, but also multiple shipments, oversize and heavy packages. It is one of the most complete collection and delivery and home delivery services on the net that is worth trying, not only for the special rates offered, but also for all the accessory products available.

Couriers available for shipments: SDA - TUMINO - NEXIVE - UPS - TNT - BRT - EUROPRESS - DPD - CRONO - NLR - SKYNET.

Ship now

Ship now It offers services send parcels from home, envelopes and pallets to Spain and Europe quickly, safely and very conveniently. The best express couriers are used who collect the package at home and deliver it, always guaranteeing its online traceability. It is worth noting the possibility of sending a package on the national territory up to 50 kg at a cost of 9,99 euros.

Couriers available for shipments: TNT- UPS – NEXIVE – SDA.

How much does it cost to send a package

Sending parcels involves an expense that is not always easy to calculate, which is why I wanted to collect all the information on the costs to be incurred with the services mentioned above, in case of parcel delivery from home.

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  3. Shipping costs We ship
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