How to send a voice message with Instagram

How to send a voice message with Instagram. A detailed guide on how to record voice messages and send them on Instagram with Android and iOS.

In the latest Instagram update, the functionality was introduced that allows the sending and receiving of voice messages within single and group chats of Direct.

This new option called Walkie - Talkie it is very similar to the one present in the chats of the WhatsApp instant messaging app.

How to send a voice message on Instagram

To send a voice message on Instagram you need to access the app on your smartphone, select the icon of of the airplane, top right, to enter Instagram Direct, where you can send photos, videos and private messages to a friend or group.

Then click on the link below Send a message and select the user you want to send the voice message to.

Below you will see the option to send a message with next to it the icon microphone. Tap on it and hold it down for the entire duration of the recording, which cannot exceed 60 seconds. Once the registration is complete, you can decide whether to send the message or to trash it.

There are two ways of recording and sending a voice message:

1.During recording, you can decide to move your finger to the left to cancel the voice message or release it to send it.

2.You can start recording by holding your finger on the microphone icon and then immediately move it towards the lock to record without continuing to press. In the latter case you can either press the trash can icon (on the left) to delete the voice message or click on the link Touch to send (in the center of the screen).


How to cancel a voice message

If you have noticed that you have said something wrong, you can still cancel the sent voice message. Like? Click on it for a few seconds and press on Cancel sending the message. The voice message will be deleted. Unsubscribing the message will result in removal for everyone, even if people may have already heard it.

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