How to see the people or pages who like a Facebook page

Do you want see people or pages who like your Facebook page but you don't know how to do it? Did you know that Facebook has a special function to see who has clicked the "Like" button? In this post we will explain how to do it.

A Facebook page . it is an excellent service to advertise your business, a product and a character, also allowing you to understand how successful you can be in social networks compared to a traditional blog.

But how do you figure out how many consents o how many and which users have clicked on our button "I like it“? In this regard, Facebook provides a hidden function that can be found by going to the Facebook page and clicking on the item Settings.

Then choose Blocked Users and click on the tab Blocked. In the drop-down menu that opens you will be able to choose People who like the page e Pages who like the page.

In this way you can check the real "likes" and see if over time someone has removed his "like" from your Facebook page.

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