How to run and save screenshot on Nexus 6P

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Do you want run and save the screenshot on smartphone Nexus 6P but you don't know how to do it? Read on and we will explain how to take screenshots with the new mobile device from Google and Huawei. 


In this article we will show you a guide for take and capture screenshots on the new Google Nexus 6P smartphone in a way quick and easy.

La Huawei is a Chinese company, a world leader in the development, production and marketing of products, systems and telecommunications founded in 1987.

It has been active in Spain since 2004 and the most famous models in circulation are the Ascend, equipped with Android.

Google has seen fit to produce the new Nexus 6P in collaboration with Huawei and the result could not fail to be exceptional.

Are you recently in possession of the latest top of the range Nexus 6P and need to take screenshots?

If you don't know it for run and save the screenshot on Nexus 6P smartphone, you must first position yourself on the screen you intend to capture and then simultaneously press the "POWER"And"LOW VOLUME".


POWER (On / Off button) + Low Volume = Screenshot


The Volume button is located on the lower side of the Nexus 6P smartphone.

If the operation was successful, the screen will flash for a moment and you will hear a click.

Pulling down the notification bar will show your recent screenshot. By clicking on it you can open it, or see it later in the app Gallery under the folder "Screenshots".

Now you can share the saved screenshot with whoever you want.

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