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The site INPS for some time it has made available to us an accessible and functional tool aimed at helping all citizens to access their online profile to consult contributions, pension calculations and much more.

The online procedure is not complicated, quite the contrary. For request the INPS PIN you must first connect to the INPS site and go to Services Online

Click on the button It Pin on line and on the next page click on Request PIN.

Not before reading that:

  • The Pin is a personal code that allows you to access the INPS telematic services
  • The Pin consists of 16 characters, of which 8 will be sent via SMS, email or PEC and another 8 by ordinary mail to the address of residence.
  • The first 16 characters of the initial Pin will then be replaced with 8 characters that you will need to keep for subsequent uses.
  • From 15 March 2016 you can access Citizen Services also through SPID credentials. , Public Digital Identity System, consisting of a pair of credentials, which are username and password, through which access from any device (tablet, PC and smartphone).

After pressing Request PIN enter the complete details of home e Code Tax I awarded NEXT.

On the following page, enter your personal data, residence data and personal contact details, making sure to indicate at least one contact between your home telephone and mobile phone and one between your email address and certified e-mail address. After entering, press the button Confirmation.

At the end of the procedure, you will receive a SMS on your phone, within a few minutes, which will contain the first eight digits of the PIN. Write them down somewhere and don't lose them because the next eight digits will be sent to you by regular mail.

If, on the other hand, you do not have to request the INPS PIN but you have lost the PIN. go back to the online PIN Request page and press the button at the bottom Have you lost your PIN?

On the next page you can decide to press Reset PIN, Revocation of PIN o Activate PIN.

Reset PIN it must be used if you have lost your PIN, in this case you will have to enter your tax code and two contact details to provide or update. The first 8 characters will be sent to you immediately, the others at a later time. Attention, the PIN reset function on user contacts (PEC, email and / or mobile phone) is active only for those who have used the assigned PIN at least once. If the user is assigned a PIN, but has never used it, it is necessary to revoke the PIN assigned and request another one, or go to an INPS office. For more information on Restore Pin take a look at: How to recover the INPS PIN.

Revocation of PIN it must be used to request a new PIN and in case you have not provided the contact details for the reset. Attention to revoke the PIN you must provide your social security number, health card data and an email address or certified email. For those who do not have a health card, it is possible to contact the Contact Center free of charge from the landline on the number 803164, while from a mobile phone, according to the rate of your telephone operator, on the number 06164164.

Activate PIN it must be used if you have received from INPS, without requesting it, the first 8 characters of the PIN with the invitation to activate it. By clicking on Activate PIN you will receive the second 8 characters by ordinary mail.

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