How to request an Amazon invoice

Shark purchased an Amazon product which you now need Fattura? In some cases the purchase receipt alone may not be enough, for example, if you have purchased a product that you could download in your tax return as a private individual, or, items intended for your business or your work as a freelancer.

In these cases, having the Amazon invoice it is important, but what if you have already registered with your VAT number?

Let's assume that Amazon has thought of a special section for companies and holders of VAT called Amazon Business, which allows you to create a free business account to simplify the purchasing processes for your work.

However, if you already have an Amazon account and you need an invoice, we will see how to request and obtain it, both using the tax code and your VAT number.

How to request an Amazon invoice

How to request an Amazon invoice

If after purchasing a product you need the relative Amazon invoice or the purchase receipt, you will need to connect to the platform via the official web site using the PC, smartphone or tablet, in the latter two cases, activating the desktop view of the site.

All orders placed by Amazon make available a summary document called the purchase receipt, not comparable to the invoice and not useful for making the VAT deduction.

La purchase receipt it is valid as proof of purchase for the guarantee, sufficient for a consumer but not suitable for those who need an invoice. In fact, the invoice is a very important document for taxable persons, this is made available only if you are using an account Amazon Business, or, if the VAT number or tax code has been added to the account.

How to enter VAT number on Amazon

How to request an Amazon invoice

In order to enter the VAT number or tax code and access the Amazon billing, you must connect to the official website, select the country of residence and fill out the form in its entirety.

If you are a natural person and you want to receive the invoice with tax code, you have to choose the item Physical person and enter the tax code, while, you have to choose the item Company if you have a VAT number.

After doing this, all new orders placed will give the possibility to generate the invoice. The verification and confirmation process of entering the tax code or VAT number can last up to 4 working days.

There are cases in which it is not possible to request an invoice for Orders:

  • Sold but not shipped yet.
  • Made before entering the VAT number.
  • Amazon orders marked as gift and shipped before July 15, 2016.
  • Orders that include products sold by third-party sellers but shipped by Amazon that do not participate in the Amazon Tax Calculation Service program (In this case, the third-party seller sends the invoice via email).
  • Gift vouchers before August 17, 2016.

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How to remove VAT number from Amazon

remove the Amazon VAT number or to modify it or make purchases without using it, you will need to access the page Manage VAT Information, log into your account and press the button Delete in the last column.

How to request an Amazon invoice

You can also I will delete the p.iva da Amazon by calling Customer Service directly, by clicking on Contact us, talking to an operator.

How to buy on Amazon with VAT

La Amazon's VAT policy, refers to the new one EU VAT legislation effective January 1, 2020. If your account has a local VAT number that is not registered in the archive VIES (VAT Information exchange system), you will not be able to have the tax exemption for the intra-community exchange of goods. If the VAT number is local, it is applied the VAT rate provided for in the country from which the goods are shipped.

Before communicating your VAT number, please read the information contained in the Agreement for the use of VAT number.

We also remind you that after obtaining validation of the VAT number, your account with which it has been associated, can only be used to purchase assets related to your business or professional activity.

Where to find Amazon invoices

How to request an Amazon invoice

To get the Amazon invoices you have to go to the summary screen of the Orders, found at the top right of the menu bar, locate the product for which you need an invoice. To the right of the product, you will find the item Bill, by pressing you can then choose between Invoice / Receipt.

How to request an Amazon invoice

For products sold by third party vendors participating in the program Amazon Tax Calculation Service, Amazon handles the billing for their account. Those who do not join will have to send the invoice directly to your e-mail within a few working days of receiving the order, or, insert it directly in the package sent.

Finally, we remind you that you can also request the Amazon invoice from the area My Account> My Orders, and after identifying the purchased product, press the Get Product Support button to chat or call Amazon support.

How to request an Amazon invoice

If, on the other hand, you want to contact the third-party seller and request an invoice, you will always have to go to the summary screen Order Process and after identifying the product, click on Invoice / Receipt to display a menu with Request an invoice to ... On the next screen you can click on Contact the seller (section that you can also find in Track my package) and write to them via Amazon.

How to contact Amazon support to request an invoice

In case of problems you can still request an invoice or other at Amazon Customer Service by contacting him via the appropriate form on the official website, by going to the section How can we help you? Here press the button An order placed. In case you have difficulty finding it, press the button Choose another order to see the complete list of your orders.

How to request an Amazon invoice

Check the box next to the order and go to the section Tell us more about your problem to select the option in the drop-down menu Request one Fattura.

How to request an Amazon invoice

In the Recommended you can press the button Contact the seller or choose one of the other options from: E-mail, Telephone e Chat..

How to request an Amazon invoice

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