How to remove system apps on Android

When you buy a device Android you need to know that this is inclusive of some named apps Whatsapp of system which cannot be deleted. Removing system apps on Android isn't easy, requires experience, a backup of the device and almost always root permissions.

If you have a mobile device and you want to know how to remove system apps on android, all you need to do is read this guide.

How to remove system apps on Android with root permissions

The first thing you need to do before starting is to make a backup of your Android device. Immediately after you can download and install the app from the Google Play Store NoBloat Free.

The app requires a device on which the root, that is, where administrator rights have been obtained, which is necessary to remove system applications.

In fact, at the first start, you will be asked to grant the privileges of Superuser.

The main window of NoBloat Free shows you a series of options. Tap on System Apps to view the list of all system apps installed on your Android device. Among these there are many useless ones that take up a lot of space. Tapping an app opens an additional window that allows you to choose what to do from four options.

Choose Backup and delete, will allow you to make a copy of the application before deleting it. Touch OK to proceed. Do the same with all the other apps you want to remove (help yourself with the Bloatware list available on the Net to know which apps to safely uninstall, read in This Page).

If you have accidentally deleted an essential application, from the NoBloat Free home screen, select Backed up apps, locate the app in question, click on Restore and confirm with Okay.

NoBloat Free also allows you to just disable system apps without removing them, this way if something is wrong, you can easily restore them.

How to remove system apps on Android without root permissions

There is an Android device not rooted you can also remove system applications using the app Bloatkill downloadable from This Page. This is a delicate procedure and not recommended for inexperienced users because it is necessary to know the files that are going to be deleted. After downloading the file .zip, extract it to your PC and go to the folder META-INFcomgoogleandroid. Inside you will find the file updater-script which must be opened on the PC with a text editor such as Notepad o Notepad ++.

Is one script containing a series of applications to be deleted, each indicated with a line starting with delete followed by the path of the app to delete (an example is delete(“/system/app/Gmail.apk”)).

An experienced user can add or remove various apps from the list. Once the script has been modified, it can be saved again in the archive

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