How to recover the PIN and PUK code of the SIM Card

The PIN code (Personal Identification Number)  and the PUK code (Personal Unblocking Key) are security keys that allow us to access the telephone services we have subscribed to.

How to recover the PIN and PUK code of the SIM Card

Before proceeding to use any SIM Card it is necessary to insert the 4-digit PIN code which will unlock all the functions enabled on the card itself. The first PIN code is usually assigned to the purchase of the SIM Card by the telephone operator, the user can then decide to change the assigned code or deactivate the service.

To unlock the SIM card, the user has three attempts, but if all three attempts are wrong, the so-called PUK code, a code of 8 figures which must be entered for unlock misspelling three times of the PIN code.

The PUK is provided by the telephone operator and is present together with the PIN code on the rigid support which contains the SIM card when it is delivered to us by the dealer. 

If you have lost the hard support containing the SIM card and you no longer have your PUK code, you can try to see first of all if it is present. on the document you received at the time of purchase of the SIM card or contact your telephone operator.

How to recover TIM PUK code

If your operator is TIM, call the 119 and request the PUK by providing the operator with your personal data (e.g. tax code, etc.). The procedure to be used is the following: ** 05 * PUK * NEW PIN * NEW PIN # / or without slash  ** 05 * PUK * NEW PIN * NEW PIN # and will allow you to unlock the card. Attention the PUK code entered incorrectly ten consecutive times renders the SIM Card permanently unusable. If the call is not successful, you can always go in person to the first TIM center and request a new SIM card (cost € 10) to which you can associate your phone number.

How to recover Vodafone PUK code

- How to recover PUK Vodafone. If your operator is Vodafone, register on the site and go to space 190 DO IT; the section is clearly visible in the center of the page Your SIM and yours below PUK code, to be inserted always in the same way ** 05 * PUK * NEW PIN * NEW PIN #. In case you fail in your intent you can contact the customer service 190.

How to recover WIND PUK code

If your operator is wind, you can retrieve your PUK code by contacting the customer service 155 and providing your personal data.

How to recover PUK code Three

- How to recover PUK Three code. If your operator is 3, you can retrieve your PUK code by registering on its site and by going to the Customer Area or you can contact the customer service 133.

How to recover PUK PUK FASTWEB code

- How to recover Fastweb PUK code. You can contact the free number dedicated to assistance 192193 also by landline phone, which will communicate them to you. Or you can use one of the Social channels (Facebook and Twitter).

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