How to promote the corporate brand with cutting-edge linguistic services

Un successful brand it can replicate its strategy internationally. Awaiting him, a thriving market of opportunities that can turn into a territory of conquest. Each challenge, however, passes above all from the word and in particular from that locally sourced message projectable towards new horizons. The brand speaks for itself, as does the quality, but it is in the message - and on how it is formulated - that the brand draws its expressive and communicative power.

Addressing its corporate communication on the foreign market and, in particular, on other cultural contexts cannot ignore a phase of strategic communication. In an already inflated reality of promotional inputs, translation must ensure that the message to be conveyed is incisor, so that the idea does not risk losing its effectiveness and communicative strength, to establish itself among various competitors on the market.

For these reasons, start-ups, as well as small, medium and large companies projected beyond national borders today feel the need to rely on translation professionals to be able to communicate in multiple languages. However, so that each internationalization project is effective, we must move towards the search for trusted partners, communication experts specialized in quality linguistic services with a solid know-how professional.

Transcreation and communication

Landoor, a company operating in the translation and interpreting sector, offers a location able to project every concept towards new linguistic and cultural nuances. The transcreation, a specialized service for the translation of corporate messages capable of reaching the target-audience with a creative adaptation of the message, while maintaining the same communicative and persuasive efficacy of the text of departure. All the strategies formulated by Landoor, in fact, are personalized and relevant to the type of business, and ensure that the client can get the most out of every creative translation.

Landoor shapes every translation project based on the target audience: by addressing people directly, it can eliminate any language barrier, so as to amplify the strength of the message and the many shades of character emotional.

Naturally, all translation strategies are obtained from the union between a creative “human” component - entrusted to the professionalism of mother tongue translators - and an IT component, delegated to the use of software: more than advanced linguistic technologies for translation, for innovative results and an excellent quality level.

From translation to software

In order to optimize the definition and supervision of each project, companies can also take advantage of Door24, the user-friendly software that is always active that connects the also information with translators and Project Manager. It is a management platform that allows you to supervise and frame the operations of the various resources in the field, for halve the timing and increase the quality of the service provided.

Even those entrepreneurial realities that need advanced tools for theportal optimization. From an increasingly digital global perspective, it becomes essential to be able to count on a well-localized website, translated to adhere to the different linguistic and cultural nuances of the target countries and visible on the main search engines.

Following this principle, a type of professional multilingual communication is realized, to take into account the SEO needs and effectively support every company.

Computer-assisted translation technologies for businesses

Currently, it is also possible to count on a series of computer-assisted translation technologies, which support the most experienced translators: these are not only quality control able to ensure at all times that the workflow meets the required quality standards, but also of database lessicali, to have a sort of terminological correspondence at every stage of the translation. In addition, every translation project can rely on the so-called translation memories, to ensure terminological and stylistic consistency between existing projects and subsequent releases.

Another technology proposed by avant-garde translation and interpreting companies such as Landoor is the so-called machine translation, a software that allows you to translate rather substantial technical documentation taking into account the terminology of the various sectors.

In any case, Landoor always combines the various software with the experience of expert linguists active on different fields of knowledge, extending the areas of interest in the medical, technical, engineering, fashion, design, scientific, tourism and multimedia sectors.

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