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Are you in the office and would like to take a look to find out what's going on in your home? Are you thinking about holidays but the thought of leaving your home unattended makes you anxious? You must know that today to monitor the house you just need a smartphone and an IP Cam. Therefore? You can leave calmly before, however, continue reading because I will reveal to you how to monitor your home with your smartphone in a few simple steps.

ADJ Angel HD is an indoor surveillance camera with interesting hardware and software features. With a few steps you can connect it to your Wi-Fi network and thanks to the dedicated app ADJ Easy HD, you can also control it remotely.

If you want to find out how to monitor what with your smartphone, the first step is to connect the camera to the router ADJ Angel HD. Insert a MicroSD into the appropriate slot of the Angel HD, then connect it to the router through the Ethernet cable and then to the power line. The yellow and green LEDs on the back of the camera will indicate successful connection.

From the Play Store, the Google store searches for the ADJ Easy HD app (also available for iOS mobile devices). After downloading, install the app by tapping on the Install button first and then on Accept. At the end of the installation process starts ADJ Easy HD and stop on Check it out. Create an account and stop on Registration fast.

Enter your email address, choose a password and go to Sign Up.

In the screen that appears step on + and select NetCam. Then stop on Add Camera under the heading Search for the camera on the network. Tap the button The network cable is connected. Select Add to insert it to the available cameras.

Tap the house icon at the top left of the home screen e Device Management / ADJ Easy HD1 (online). Select Settings WIRELESS, enter the name of your Wi-Fi network, the access password and click on Confirmation.

At this point it is sufficient to tap on the image that appears when the app starts ADJ Easy HD to start watching. Just slide your finger on the image, right or left, up or down, to view your entire home.

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