How to make money with YouTube advertising by becoming a partner

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YouTube allows you to publish videos and show them to millions of people, but also to earn money by uploading movies. To know how to make money with YouTube ads all you have to do is become "partner”And follow what we are about to tell you.

The service is free and is a good source of income. The opportunity is open to everyone and only requires a particular registration on Google.

The earnings we can get from YouTube derive, as always happens with Google services, from advertising, it is therefore necessary to allow YouTube to insert advertising messages linked to the videos we upload on the site.

In this way we will receive a portion of the money that Google collects from those who publish advertisements on YouTube. The amounts we will receive will be proportional to the number of views of our videos. The greater the success of the films, the greater the earnings linked to advertising.

How to start earning with YouTube: partner or channel aggregator

To take advantage of the opportunities to make money with YouTube you must first of all have a Google account and start posting videos. To get money with advertising you have to propose yourself as "partner"Of YouTube. It's about a rather quick procedure, which however must be submitted for approval by Google.

This means that we can only ask Google to become a partner if we have already started publishing videos. Only in this way will Google experts be able to evaluate our request and decide whether to admit us how partner.

The decision depends on many aspects, including the number of views quality content and the strict compliance with copyright rules. By respecting these aspects we will have the opportunity to earn through advertising.

To become a YouTube partner you have to connect to the site From here we scroll down the page and click on the Basics button in the Video Monetization section. The page that opens will contain a form to be completed in its entirety. The form includes questions on the number of films published and their content. Before submitting your request, we recommend that you take the time to create and publish your videos. This way you will have some hope of being admitted as a partner.

However, there is another even simpler solution to enter YouTube: join a channel aggregator. These are companies that they are responsible for managing its promotion and dissemination, for example through social networks such as Facebook. Obviously one is due to the channel aggregators percentage of earnings, but their help allows you to become a partner by skipping the YouTube selection.

Here are a few:

  • The orchard
  • Pirames

How much do you earn with YouTube

It is not easy to understand how much you can earn with YouTube. The payment mechanism is based on the CPM (Cost per thousand). It is the amount that YouTube pays for every thousand views of a video with an advertisement.

The problem is that CPM varies based on several factors, for example depending on the time of year. A video with 100.000 views can bring between 200 and 700 euros in your pockets. While achieving these figures is by no means easy, the work is hard and demanding.

To have a large number of views you should overcome the language barrier. By creating content only in Spanish we will have a reduced number of viewers to those who understand Spanish. If we want to create content for YouTube then, it may be a good idea to use English as much as possible.

If we have difficulty in doing this, we can resort to the tools made available by YouTube, such as the insertion of subtitles in the movie, or rely on ours creativeness to communicate without words.

The tools offered by YouTube

YouTube is not only a platform for earning money, but also an environment in which give vent to their creativity reaching millions of people around the world. To do this you do not need large means: with a smartphone equipped with a camera and a computer to manage the video processing you can do a lot. YouTube offers some tools on the partner site.

From the site you access the tools made available to creatives who work as partners with YouTube. Here you can find out how to book a space in the professional studios made available free of charge for partners.

There are also sections dedicated to promote and manage your own channel on YouTube (with forum to discuss), a collection of programs and apps for video processingoe social tools to circulate our videos on social networks.

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