How to make an unsubscribe request to the Bing search engine

Not only on Google it is possible to remove links from search results, even on Bing you can send a request for cancellation to eliminate embarrassing links and protect your privacy, if they are not in line with the EU directive. In other words, the information must be incorrect and therefore not up to date.

What does the EU directive say?

The ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union recognized EU citizens the right to request the deletion from search engines of information contained in pages concerning them, even if published lawfully and not defamatory.

If you need to do one request for cancellation to Microsoft's search engine, Bing, all you need to do and follow the below mentioned steps.

How to make an unsubscribe request to the Bing search engine

The first thing to do fill out a form and explain the reasons that prompted you to request cancellation.

Open the page Request to block Bing search results and enter your name. Select the country of residence by clicking Select.

To prevent possible abuse, you need to prove your identity. For this it is necessary upload a scan of a valid document, for example the Identity Card. Click on the link Upload file and enter a valid email address.

The form asks you to indicate whether you hold a public role or have a prominent public office, this is because Microsoft makes a clear distinction between protection of privacy and freedom of expression.

In Part 3 section, indicate the URL you want removed and explain in the text box below why you want to delete. You can also specify one of the possible reasons among:

  • Inexact or false
  • Incomplete or inadequate
  • Out of date or no longer relevant
  • Excessive or improper.

In the last section, Part 4, by typing your name in the Signature you declare that:

  • You are the person named on this form or the parent or guardian of the minor named here.
  • The indexing of the web pages you are asking to block resulting from the search for your name or the name of the child refers to you or the child and not to other people with the same or a similar name.
  • The information you have provided is correct and accurate.

Finally press the button Send. The form and related processes may undergo changes as a result of issues that have been raised for the recent ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union. It is therefore possible that the requests sent will be re-evaluated over time.

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