How to index a site on Microsoft's Bing

After Google, Bing di Microsoft is the second most used search engine, so indexing a site will allow you to improve its visibility and consequently increase success. 

Read on and you will find out how to index a site on Microsoft's Bing.

Bing, like Google, also offers its users Webmaster tools, to which you can subscribe your site through a procedure very similar to that of the Mountain View company. The first thing you will need to do is have a Microsoft account, for example a mailbox mail Hotmail o Outlook, to be used to access the Webmaster Tools, then you will need to enter the site address and also the name of the file that contains the sitemap (map of the whole site). Once this is done, all you have to do is wait the time necessary for the Bing spider to not reach your site and start the indexing procedure (usually a few hours or a couple of days).

- Bing Webmaster Tools, like those of Google, allow the indexing of websites, but also to access a series of reporting functions, useful for optimizing and controlling in detail the activity on your site. For example, Bing also keeps track of the keywords that visitors have used in their searches, also showing how many times they have been used and so on.

But let's see how to index a site on Microsoft's Bing.

First, connect to the official Bing Webmaster Tools page by clicking on Log in. If you already have a Microsoft account you can communicate the address of your site and report the file of the sitemap. To verify the ownership of the site, Bing offers various procedures similar to those used with Google. Even with Bing the quickest way is to download a file and copy it to the site. 

La sitemap is a tool to speed up the indexing of the pages of a site in search engines. You could use the same sitemap for both Google and Bing.

After logging in to Bing Webmaster Tools, on the main page you will notice an extract of the most important information relating to the indexing of your site in the search engine.

Using these tools you will not only be able to index a site on Bing, but check at any time which pages are most visited and the types of access, useful information to improve the visibility of the site.

Bing can also be useful to check that your site has all the elements necessary to improve your ranking by checking the "SEO tips".

A part of the accesses to your site could come from tablets and smartphones, for this reason you will have to check that the pages are optimized even for small schemes.

Finally, Bing also allows you to check which pages of your site have been indexed by the search engine. As in Google, just enter in the search box, "website“: Followed by the site address. 

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