How to find links to web pages that no longer exist - Broken link

Anyone who manages a very detailed and complex website, with a large number of links, must pay attention to the so-called "Broken link“: We are talking about those links that point to pages, mostly external, that no longer exist.

The Web is a constantly evolving universe and sites are born and die all the time, so often the referring URLs of the pages are modified or changed. The presence of these anomalies on our site strongly undermines its reliability, as it may seem that we no longer carry out maintenance or that we manage it superficially.

However, there are free services that perform the task of checking our site i broken link automatically. Among these, a good solution is the one offered by the website Very simple to use, it returns, after entering theURL of place and security code, all broken external links, present on our site after a long and detailed scan.

The service is free for up to 3.000 pages at a time. In the event that 3.000 scanned pages are exceeded, Brokenlinkcheck asks that the service be paid by issuing a quote and checking not only individual pages but also subfolders.

The results will be exported to Excel or Access.   

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