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Are you looking for a way to overcome the character limit imposed by the platform for your articles? It is a problem that I also had but that I have overcome by intervening directly in the file Web.Config.

You should know that the character limit imposed by is about 58 thousand. Surely with the latest updates the platform could have even reached 100 thousand characters. But if you mean increase the character limit of articles, even trying to double them, all you have to do is apply a little trick that you will find in the next lines.

Given that once the character limit is reached you will not be able to save the article or add any other element, including punctuation, the only way to intervene effectively is to open the Web.Config of your website and replace these lines of code:

With the following lines of code:


The second solution will allow you to save articles with over 200 thousand characters. Once you have made the change, save the Web.Config file and also save the article with the many characters.

Published the article, I suggest you restore the previous state of the Web.Config, resetting the original lines of code to avoid a lower performance in the editor. You can apply the change to the Web.Config whenever you need to publish very long articles.

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