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A few days ago a friend of ours exposed us the following problem: his smartphone Samsung Galaxy at the moment of making a call, it would block, making it appear on the display a white screen and then return to the phone book: in conclusion it did not allow him to make a call.

Now, to try to solve the problem there are several solutions:

1. Factory reset the device: this option deletes all data from the Galaxy, including accounts, system application data, settings and downloaded applications, so you need to make a backup of all the data on your smartphone. This entry is usually found in Settings - Backup and Restore. In the option it is possible format, also there mass memory, if you decide not to do it, you will keep the photos, videos or music (and everything contained in that memory). The phone will reboot by itself and then enter the recovery di android and complete the Hard Reset procedure. This option is the equivalent of wipe cache + wipe data;

A very useful tool for saving your phone book and SMS is Kies (also saves videos and photos) or export to a MicroSD, while for the backup of your applications we recommend App Backup & restore.

2. Update the software (firmware) by connecting the phone to the PC you can use the program Choose: in this case the connection to the PC must be made with a cable USB, Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi. After downloaded Kies on PC, start it and connect your smartphone to the PC, Kies will guide you through the installation process. This solution might fix the bug that doesn't allow you to make calls.


3. make a hard reset – wipe data / factory reset da recovery Android: this procedure it will erase all data on your phone (address book, applications, emails, notes, sms, etc.) in a irreversible as the phone will be reset to factory state. First of all remove the SIM and the external MicroSD and click on the buttons at the same time VOLUME UP + HOME KEY + POWER. Use the volume keys and go to the voice Wipe data / factory reset and select it with the Power button.

On the next screen, choose the item Yes – delete all user date to start the hard reset and at the end of the procedure select the item Reboot system now to restart your phone. This mode should format data, cache and should not affect the system and boot partition. This will solve the problems related to the instability of the operating system.

At the end the user could find himself, however, the latest firmware installed and not the one present at the time of purchase, to restore the original version it will be necessary to use the tool odin.

4. Wipe cache partition: is another option that has the purpose of clearing the files in the cache, that is those used most often and therefore stored for quick access. This mode keeps personal data.

5. Contact support: if none of the above options have solved your problem, all you have to do is go to a Service Center.

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