How to find parked cars with Android and iPhone

Who hasn't ever forgotten where the car was parked? This happens especially when you are in an unfamiliar city or in very large car parks. Today, however, technology and especially mobile devices come to our rescue, that's why find parked car with Android and iPhone it has become very simple.

In this guide I will reveal you how to find parked car with Android and iPhone and track the exact location of your car. This is a service offered by both Google and Apple,



To remind you where you parked your car, when you park your car, in the Feed app Google a new call card is displayed Parking place, which shows the place where you parked the vehicle.

Touching Previous places you must also view the places where you have parked other times. To activate this function, you need to set your car as your primary means of transportation.

To do this, go to the app Google and tap the top left button (Menu with three horizontal lines) and then go to Customize> Transportation> Which means of transport do you usually take for your commute? and here select By car.

Attention if Customize is deactivated you will have to activate the Feed da Menu (icon with three horizontal lines) > Settings> Your feed. Activate the Feed to receive updates on your interests, weather, traffic and so on.

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Google Maps also allows you to find the parked car quickly. All you have to do is turn on the GPS and location identification feature. To do this, click on the dot of blue color visible on the Google Maps map.

After the click you will see a menu at the bottom with some obvious options. To store the position of your car on Google Maps, you must click on the item "Save as Parking location". By doing so, a red label will be inserted on the map and the words "You parked here".


For owners of a iPhone o iPad with operating system iOS, finding the parked car with Google Maps is equally simple. As for Android, even on iOS just click on the blue dot visible on the map and press the item that will allow you to save the parking. If then the smartphone is connected via Bluetooth or by USB to the car, parking will be added automatically as soon as the user disconnects the smartphone from the car.

If you want to make use of the Apple Maps, your car stereo needs to support C or Bluetooth. After connecting your iPhone check that the option Show parking position, present in Settings> Maps, is active.

By doing this, the iPhone will remember the location of your parking lot and will memorize everything as soon as you interrupt the connection with your car.

And if the Bluetooth connection doesn't work, you can always contact the virtual assistant Crab, and ask "Where did I park?".

Beware of the option Show parking position it does not work when connected via USB cable.

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