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If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, happen to lose someone along the way and not realize that they have been banned either for a wrongdoing or for any other reason.

Fortunately, he comes to our aid Chrome, the Google browser, which through an extension will notify us when a friend blocks us. On Chrome Web Store we look for the extension Unfriend Notify per Facebook. 

To proceed with the installation click on the button Free and complete the procedure. At the end, a new browser tab will open confirming the activation of the extension with a message inviting us to share it on Facebook. In order not to attract attention, you can also ignore the message and close the window.

The newly installed extension will notify us when one of our "amico" there will block through center notifications Chrome, accessed by clicking on the icon in the shape of bell shown in the Windows taskbar. 

In case we want to uninstall the extension just go to the Chrome menu in Settings / Extensions and click on the icon with basket.

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