How to export Outlook contacts

You need to export Outlook contacts to create a VCF file to import to an Android smartphone or iPhone? Are you planning to use your Oulook business contacts to export them to your home email? Well, I recommend that you take five minutes of free time and read this guide carefully because I will give you all the information you need to understand how to export Outlook contacts in a few simple steps and without necessarily being a computer expert.

If you don't know Microsoft Outlook allows you to export the contacts in the address book to a CSV file, which you can import with other e-mail programs such as Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook itself.

export Outlook contacts you must immediately check the version in use installed on your PC. To do this you have to go up File > Account di Office, in case you don't have this option you have to click on ?. The Outlook version will be visible on the right side of the page.

Now that you are aware of the version of Microsoft Outlook installed, let's see in detail how you need to act.


To export the contacts of your friends or colleagues with Outlook 2013 or 2016 you have to click on the item in the upper left corner Fillet and choose Open and Export> Import / Export.

1. In the window that appears, choose Export to File and choose Comma separated values.

2. Then select in the window  Select the folder to export from, the voice Contact Us under your account and press NEXT.

3. Choose Shop by Department, specifying the file name and clicking on OK. Confirm the path where you want to save the file and click on NEXT.

4. Choose end to start exporting contacts. Wait for the dialog box to close Import / export status to confirm that the transfer has taken place.

Retrieve the exported CSV file and open it in Excel to view its contents.


If you have the 2007 or 2010 version of Microsoft Outlook you have to click on Fillet, top left, then up options and subsequently Advanced, in the left sidebar.

1. Click on the button Export, scegli l'opzione Export in a file and click on the button NEXT.

2. Choose Comma separated values (Windows) to indicate the target format and press on NEXT.

3. Choose the item Contact Us and click on NEXT and then on Browse to decide in which folder to save your contacts file.

4. Click on NEXT and then end to start the process of exporting the contacts that will be saved in a CSV file.

Retrieve the exported CSV file and open it in Excel to view its contents.


If you want to export Outlook 2003 or earlier contacts from the menu Fillet you must choose Import and export and, as with the Outlook versions above, you need to set the comma separated values ​​(Windows) to specify the destination format for contacts. Click on NEXT I will continue.

Choose the voice Contact Us and click on NEXT. Select the folder to export your contacts to and click on NEXT and then end to save the CSV file with Outlook contacts in the folder of your choice.

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