How to download the Green Pass on your mobile

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You are perhaps looking for how to download the Green Pass on your mobile? Read our guide on how to have the Green Pass to be printed even without a code and SMS.

There are several channels, both physical and digital, to have the COVID-19 green certification on mobile. The availability of the Green Pass, issued in Spain by the Ministry of Health, is communicated via SMS or by emails with a code to download it (AUTHCODE).

How to download the Green Pass on your mobile

Here are the channels to download Green Pass in detail.

Through the Immuni app

You can get the Green Pass through the app immune going to the appropriate section EU digital COVID certificate present in the main screen of the app.

To get the Green Pass on your mobile you need to enter the Immuni app:

  • The last 8 digits of the health card identification number.
  • The expiration date of the Health Card.
  • THEAUTHCODE received via email or SMS or one of the unique codes received: CUN (molecular buffer), NRFE (rapid antigenic swab), NUCG (certificate of healing).

The certification will be shown on the screen and the QR queues it can be saved on your mobile phone so you can view and show it even offline.

Via app IO

To get the green pass with the app IO it is not necessary to apply for the COVID-19 green certification and not even to enter codes. Just log in to the app (with SPID or CIE) and go to the section Messages received. Here you will find the green COVID-19 certificate. Open it to view the QR Code and the data of your certificate that you can show to anyone directly from the app.

By pressing, immediately below, on the button Save you can save the QR Code in the memory of your phone (in the Gallery or Camera Roll) to be able to show it when you are offline. Then clicking on the button Details, next to that Save, you will be able to view: the type of vaccine administered name of the vaccine, number of doses performed and date of last administration.

If you are not an app expert, you can always download the Green Pass on your mobile by connecting to Official site of the Ministry of health.

To acquire certification on dgc. you can access:

  • Using digital identity (SPID / CIE).
  • By entering the 8-digit number and expiration date of the Health Card and one of the codes received: AUTHCODE received via email or SMS or CUN, NRFE and NUCG.
  • By entering the identity document for non-SSN members and the expiration date and one of the codes received: AUTHCODE received via email or SMS or CUN, NRFE and NUCG.

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Through the Electronic Health Record

How to download Green Pass without code and SMS? The acquisition of the Green Pass can also be done by accessing your own Electronic health record. By contacting your general practitioner, pediatrician, you can ask to have your Green Pass recovered thanks to the Health Card System. Bring your tax code and health card to show them.

This way you can have your Green Pass printed or delivered in digital format (PDF).

How to request it at the pharmacy without SPID or App IO? The procedure is identical to that described above. Go to the pharmacy and take your Tax Code and Health Card with you and that's it.

Green Pass contacts

In case you have any problems a download the Green Pass on your mobile you can always contact the Call Center 800 91 24 91 (active every day from 8 to 20) or write to If instead you need to recover the green pass that has been canceled or never received via SMS or email, you can contact the public utility at the number 1500.

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