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Did you create a mailbox with Gmail and did Google also create a Google Plus profile for you? Do you want to delete the Google Plus profile to delete it from Gmail? Well, then take five minutes of your time and make yourself comfortable because in a few simple steps I will reveal you how to delete a Google Plus profile.

If you don't know, Google Plus is linked to many other Google services, such as Blogger, Google Maps, Youtube and Gmail itself. You can decide to have and take advantage of all the services offered by Google but also decide you don't want to. While the two services, Google Plus and Gmail, appear to be linked, they are not.

You can easily decide to have a Gmail address, without necessarily using a Google Plus profile. 

delete a Google Plus profile you must first connect to the page You will be prompted for authentication to authorize the deletion of the Google+ profile. Once you have entered the password you can proceed with the deletion.

By expanding the Google+ item on the page that appears, you will find the details of what will be kept and what, instead, will be deleted. For example, if you have used Hangouts, Google Talk and Gmail chats, the content will remain available. The same thing applies if you use Google Plus pages linked to a commercial activity. 

Before proceeding with the confirmation of the cancellation of the Google Plus account, read the information and everything that involves deleting the profile. 

Finally put the check mark on the Yes function, I am aware that deleting the Google+ profile is irreversible and that the deleted data cannot be restored.

In conclusion, your YouTube channel will continue to exist even if some contents will be kept while others deleted. Furthermore, deleting your public profile will have no effect on your Google account.

Push the button Delete and finally you can delete a Google Plus profile from Gmail.

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