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Today we explain the steps to use Windows Live Writer, the software of Microsoft dedicated to blog editing, as a tool for writing and publishing posts for our site on the platform

First we download Windows Live Writer and after installing it, let's start it to proceed with its configuration. We click NEXT until you get to the window Which blog service do you use? Here we check the item Other blog service and click on NEXT.

In the window Add a blog account we enter:

  • in Blog web address: http://miosito/metaweblog.axd;
  • in Username e Password the credentials we use to access our website;
  • we check the item Remember Password and click on NEXT.


In the window Select type of blog we select:

  • the type of blog in use: Metaweblog API;
  • in blog URL for remote posting: http://miosito/metaweblog.axd;
  • we click on NEXT.

In the window your Blog has been created, enter the nickname of the blog and we press end.

At the end of the configuration, Windows Live Writer will ask us to publish a temporary post to detect the blog theme. This way we will be able to see what the post looks like online.

Subsequently, the Windows Live Writer environment will open anyway where we can write a post with images, videos and more and then publish it and find it, as if by magic, online on our website.

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