How to check if your router has been hacked

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Do you think your network parameters have been manipulated? Then you must necessarily do a security check and check if your router has been hacked.

When you connect to the Internet and browse on your browser, you must know that there is a complex series of settings and data exchange between your router and your provider, also called the access provider. Let's find out if anyone has tampered with your router's DNS servers and is spying on your traffic.

How to tell if the router is infected

Unfortunately, there are people on the Web capable of divert web traffic to pages created ad hoc and easily spread malware or Trojans capable of stealing your personal information by manipulating your network parameters.

However, there is a way to check if you have suffered or are suffering an attack, through the free online service Router Checker. Read on and you will find out how to check if your router has been hacked, make yourself comfortable and take all the time you need because in a few seconds you will know if your system is safe and working properly.

Controlla i DNS con F-Secure Router Checker

To check if your router is hacked, you must first connect to the online service F-Secure Router Checker and have an Internet connection.

Connect to this page and after reading the reasons that lead to a router checkup, start the checkup procedure by clicking on the button Check the Router.

The service will automatically check the router settings. At the end, if the outcome is positive, that is, if it does not detect anomalies, the message will be displayed No problems detected on the router and a link View results in detail to get a variety of information on IP DNS, ISP and so on.

Choose a secure WiFi password

However, remember that to prevent a hacker from accessing your router you will need to choose a secure password of at least 20 characters. A word easy to remember but with capital letters, numbers and special symbols like!, &, # And so on. Also change the username and replace the classic "admin”Set by the manufacturer for a custom one. Doing so will make a hacker attack more difficult or at least complicate the life of the attacker.

How to change the password of the hacked router

change the password of a router you must first open a browser and connect to your modem via its IP address. To find out the IP address of the router take a look at the user manual or try typing these generic IP addresses: or If you are having trouble, also check out: How to find router IP address.

If you have trouble finding it, you can still try:

Find the router IP address on Windows PC by opening the Command Prompt. Press the button Home and type cmd. Find the item in the search results Command Prompt and click on it with the right mouse button to select the item from the pop-up menu Run as administrator. In the program that appears, type the command ipconfig I awarded Submit on the keyboard. You will then get the complete list of addresses concerning your connection. Next to the item Default gateway you will see the IP address of your router.

Finding the router IP address on Mac is even easier. You have to click on Applications and then Network. In the window that appears, choose the name of your connection and click on Advanced and then on card TCP / IP to view your router's IP address.

Now that you have located the IP address, type it in the address bar of the browser (eg. and in the login screen of your router type as user e Password admin e admin o admin e Password. If not, you can try to take a look at the user manual of the router. Read also this article: How to find out the access keys of wireless networks.

Once inside go to the wireless networks section and locate the key field WEP / WPA. Set the option WPA2-AES o WPA-PSK and enter a password to protect the Wi-Fi network. Apply and save the changes.

When connecting to the Internet with a Windows PC via Wi-Fi, replace the old password with the new one, after clicking on Connect. On Mac and mobile devices, on the other hand, select the name of the network you want to connect with and type the password.

If, on the other hand, you want to change the router control panel password, you have to open the browser and type in the address bar, or and press Submit. Log in with admin come user e admin as a password (if you have never changed your login data) and in the control and administration section enter first the old password and then the new password to access the control panel and confirm.

Beyond these precautions, I recommend that you install a good updated antivirus on your PC and update the firmware of your router. If you don't know how to do it take a look at this article: How to update the router firmware.

Check your port forwarding settings

Il port forwarding is none other than theopening of the doors that digital criminals are able to carry out and control remotely through special viruses. To check if this situation exists, go to the router's Advanced Settings and then in the Port Configuration section, looking for the name Port forwarding, Virtual server, NAT forwarding or even Port triggering. Once you find it, check it inside check that there are no rules or settings other than the standard ones. In case, contact your Provider and ask for explanations or do further information on the Internet.

If you encounter an infected router situation, eliminate all dubious rules and you will solve.

Disconnect any devices connected to the router

The final step in breaking free from your router hacking situation is disconnect all devices connected to the hacked modem. After that close i device, detach i cavi Ethernet, turn off the router and reset it by following the device user guide.

Connect to the Internet via smartphone via hotspot and equip yourself with an antivirus to scan. If you don't know any, here are some useful tips: Best free antivirus, antivirus for Windows and Mac, Best anti malware, Android antivirus.

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