How to calculate your pension online

Are you curious you can calculate your pension online? If you don't know today, you can check directly on the Internet what your pension amount will be. The site ofINPS (National Institute of Social Security) offers users a tool that allows you to calculate your pension online in a few simple steps.

The retirement pension or old-age pension is a pension paid upon reaching a certain age together with the possession of a contribution that is generally not less than 20 years. From January 1 2012 with the pension reform (Fornero Law), the pension access requirements have been set at 66 years and 7 months for men and women employed in the public sector, at 66 and 62 years for men and women in the private sector and at 66 years and 6 months and 63 years and 6 months for self-employed workers.

In conclusion, in order to retire, men must have 42 years and one month of contributory seniority while women must be 41 years and one month old.

Workers who as at 31 December 1995 have already paid 18 years of contributions are included in the work salary. Those who have not reached 18 years of contributions by the same date, but who already had seniority, are included in the work misto. The pension is calculated exclusively contributory for workers without contributions for seniority as of December 31, 1995.

If all this has led you to confusion, you can explore the transition from a paid or mixed pension system (based on the salary of the last working years) to a contributory pension system (based on the total amount of contributions paid over your entire working life. ) by taking a look at this page of

To facilitate you in all this I want to report you the best sites to calculate your pension online. All you have to do to know when you will retire is to keep reading.

One of the online sites that allow online pension calculation is the INPS website.

Once you have obtained your credentials, you will be able to access your profile and find out what the amount of your monthly check or transfer will be and check your contribution status in detail. This was unthinkable until recently, where to do it you had to go in person to an INPS office, sign a series of documents and wait in line for hours and hours.

The first thing you need to access the INPS site and calculate your pension online is a PIN. This is a sixteen-digit code made up of letters and numbers, which is essential to gain access to your INPS profile. For more information take a look at this article: How to request the INPS PIN.

After requesting the PIN code on the site, you will immediately receive the first half via SMS, while the second will arrive by ordinary mail to your home mail address.

At present, the pension calculation service is available for employees and for the self-employed with special or separate management. So traders, artisans, direct farmers and so on. While for public workers and workers who have paid contributions to other funds and managements administered by INPS, the service, if it is not yet, should be available by 2016.

The data is shown in a table that includes employer, time period and sums paid. In case you find anomalies you can always get to work in time and try to resolve the inconsistencies.

The negative element of this service is that the calculation, by the INPS's own admission, is purely indicative, as it is based on factors that have little to do with the contributions you have actually paid. The INPS is unable to predict the economic trend of the company, and then there is your life expectancy to consider. The INPS forecast is based on economic data and on the national GDP (Gross Domestic Product). If our country's economy turns positive, your contributions will be re-evaluated. Also, just as importantly, the calculation does not take into account any loss of work.

How to calculate your pension online with My Pension

Once you have obtained the complete PIN, log in to the INPS website for the first time. You will be given the new eight-digit PIN and at that point you can take advantage of all the features available. On the main page, click Access the services.

Click on the button The MIa Guesthouse, the first at the top of the left column.

Now scroll down the page until you find the link in the center Log in at the service (in the section As do).

Enter yours Tax code and PIN access. Remember that the PIN to use is not the sixteen-digit one, but the eight-digit one you received after your first login.

When you have clicked on Log in, you will see a page where the INPS informs you that what you are about to view is a simulation with no certification value. Then click on Log in.

The table that will appear with your contribution situation clearly indicates the type of contribution, the period and the quality of the payments useful for the pension calculation, with the details of the employer.

Clicking on Proceed with the simulation, you will be asked if the data is correct. Then you will see a forecast of figures and dates. If you get the sentence The requirements do not exist, you can try the Advanced Simulation.

Don't have the PIN yet? In addition to INPS, however, there are other online sites that offer online pension calculation.

How to calculate your pension online with Il Sole 24 Ore

The Sun 24 hours through this page, it offers a tool called Calculate your pension (social security calculator), for calculating the contributory pension online, where through a series of parameters to be filled in, such as: Date of birth, Gender, Accredited seniority, Net Annual Income, Career Forecast and Classification, makes a calculation capable of returning statistically, the retirement age and overall contributions, with the addition of a graph and other parameters to be explored.

How to calculate your pension online with MioJob di Repubblica

Same goes for the site of Republic that through the MioJob service offers the Calculate Pension tool. The tool calculates, on the basis of current legislation, the amount of your public pension and measures the difference in economic availability between your working life and the one in which you will be retired.

The parameters to be entered are the same as those of Il Sole 24 Ore with the difference that Repubblica makes known the hypotheses of the calculation bases, which are:

  • expected inflation for the coming years equal to 2,0%;
  • the annual real growth of the gross domestic product equal to 1,5%;
  • the age requirements and the conversion coefficients for the contribution calculation discount the expected reductions in the years to come due to the lengthening of life expectancy.

How to calculate your pension online with Irpef.Info

The last service I want to talk to you about and worth mentioning is the Irpef.Info website. The site offers a calculator that can determine when you will be eligible to retire and when you will actually be able to access it.

To make the calculation, you must enter, in the proposed form, total contributions credited, type of work, information on the worker, and so on. To understand the information requested, simply move the mouse over the orange question mark symbol.

The calculator of Irpef.Info takes into account the thousand proproghe decree of law 14/2012 and considers pensions accruing from 1 January 2012 on the basis of the Salva-Spagna law 214/2011 and the INPS circulars for public and private workers.

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