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Do you want browse Facebook with hotkeys? Are you tired of clicking with the mouse on the various links on Facebook? There is the option to use hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts, which will help you move between the timeline, friends list and other areas using just the keyboard.

All shortcuts work with Google Chrome e Opera, pressing Alt + "shortcut" (corresponding to one of the numbers you see below), And with Firefox, pressing Shift + Alt + “shortcut" (corresponding to one of the numbers you see below). Unfortunately, keyboard shortcuts don't work with Internet Explorer.

But let's see how to navigate Facebook with hotkeys:

1 Home

2 Timeline / Profile

3 Friends

4 Messages

5 Notifications

6 Account settings

7 Privacy settings

8 Home Page Facebook

9 Legal Info

0 Help

M New Message

If you have a full-screen photo open, you also have these shortcuts to look at it all to be used without the ALT key:

L I like it on a photo

→ ← Photos back and forth

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