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Do you want browse Twitter with hotkeys? Are you tired of clicking with the mouse on the various Twitter links? There is the option to use hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts, which will help you move between Home, your profile and your friends' tweets using just the keyboard.

As Facebook also Twitter, the Social Network for those who love short sentences, can be managed with hotkeys or keyboard combinations.

Let's see how

G + H  Back to home Page
G + P  Go to profile
G + M  Go to messages
G + C  Go to the list of notifications
G + R  Go to the list of mentions
G + U  It brings up a box from which to access a user's profile
G + A  Go to the activity page
G + d  Go to the tweet page
G + F  Go to favorites
G + L  Go to list
G + S  Go to settings
N  Enter a new tweet
M  Enter a new direct message
J  Go to the next tweet
Go to the previous tweet
.  Upload new tweets
L  Close the open tweet
R  Reply to the open message
T  Retweet the open message

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