How to block calls from call centers

Are you tired of the constant phone calls from call centers who want to sell you a service or product at any cost every day? If you are really exhausted you will have to resort to repairs and blocking calls from call centers as soon as possible. If you don't know with the right app you can put an end to business calls from call centers on your home line or smartphone.

block calls from call centers and stem the phenomenon, you can use the Public Register of Oppositions established by the Ministry of Economic Development. This is a service that allows users in telephone directories to subscribe and exclude themselves from the lists of telemarketers asking not to be disturbed anymore.

To subscribe to the Public Register of Oppositionsclick your Agents Subscriber and then on the icon Web.

After registering, if you have never given your consent to receive promotional communications, commercial operators will no longer be able to call you. In mode Web you will be shown the link where you can register and indicate your landline number.

Fill out the proposed form and enter your personal data by copying the verification code for the field Type the text shown. Finally click on Send and complete the registration.

The application form will be accepted within 15 days.

If the situation does not resolve itself, then it is appropriate to contact the Guarantor for the protection of personal data by filling out this form to send it to:

To the Guarantor for the protection of personal data

Piazza di Monte Citorio, 121

00186 Rome

The biggest flaw of the service Public Register of Oppositions is that it does not prevent calls from call centers when the user has given express consent to receive promotional communications. Furthermore, it does not include mobile users who, like the fixed ones, are constantly bombarded by phone calls or SMS from telephone operators and so on.

Therefore? Mobile devices Android e iOS integrate a function capable of blocking calls from call centers, and therefore the more annoying numbers, but in some cases it is better to use third-party apps.

Among the many Truecaller allows you to access a list of telemarketing operators in real time to block them from leaving.

How Truecaller works

After installing Trucaller start the app on your mobile device and on the presentation screen click on the button Startat the bottom of the screen.

If requested, provide the permissions to the application, to execute and manage the phone calls you receive on your smartphone and then to access the contacts, by tapping on the button Allow.

At the end enter your phone number and stop on the button Continue.

Pay attention to the authentication with the automatic call and at the end complete the registration by entering your personal data. Then confirm with Si the screen asking you not to activate energy saving. Confirm the subsequent screens as well.

Arrived in the main screen of the app Trucaller, stop on the Unwanted tab and on the button Attiva the block. In the settings select Stop Most Botherers and in Lockout Method select automatic call rejection.

On the screen Unwanted, tap on the icon at the bottom right with a +. Select Enter number from the drop-down list, and then fill in the telephone number field by also entering an identifier of the blocked number.

On the screen Call, press and hold the nuisance number for a few seconds. Then in the next menu select the item Block & Report. Confirm everything by tapping on the item SI. In this way you will automatically block the phone call of the indicated number.

Attention you can remove your phone number registered on Truecaller from this page. Enter the phone number in the box below Removal module, including the country code, and press on Remove.

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