How to block and stop receiving Facebook live video notifications

Do you continuously receive notifications of live videos posted by your friends? You would like to get rid of it once and for all and then block Facebook live video notifications? Then all you have to do is follow the advice I am about to give you in this article and take a few minutes of your free time, because in a few simple steps I will reveal you how to block and stop receiving Facebook live video notifications.


All you need to do to block Facebook live video notifications, and access the social network with your credentials and press the down arrow symbol, at the top, next to the padlock icon.


In the pop-up menu, choose the item Settings, in the left column click on the item Notifications to access the section Notification settings.


Here click on the item On Facebook and in the section Items you receive notifications for, go to the bottom of the page and on the entry Live video select No nobody to the question: Choose whether you want to receive notifications when interesting live videos are broadcast.

In summary: Settings - Notifications - Click on edit related to the field On Facebook - Find the section Live video and put No nobody.

From now on, you will no longer receive notifications of live streaming videos from Facebook.

Please note: block live streaming Facebook video notifications it is only allowed to do this by computer, it is possible to do it from a smartphone but only by accessing Facebook from a browser. This is unfortunately not possible through the app.

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