How to become an Instagram influencer

Maybe you want to know how to become an Instagram influencer? Here are the essential moves to become an Instagram influencer and be successful

Among the endless pages of the web you will have also become passionate about what are the social network platforms, virtual places where you can observe what is happening in the world and stimulate your imagination and originality. Instagram it is certainly one of the most famous social networks, not only for the great quality of the contents but also for the ability to produce a considerable profit if managed at best.

In order for you to make the most of this platform you need to have a catchment area and be a good influencer. But how to become an Instagram influencer in practice? In the next lines we will analyze the guidelines to follow to obtain the desired results, but be prepared for a path made of commitment and perseverance.

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Here's how to become an influencer on Instagram

The path to becoming an influencer is certainly not as easy as everyone suggests, although it is not an impossible mission, it requires sacrifice and constant commitment. To delve into the no-nonsense speech, it is appropriate to analyze what are the first steps to get started and how you can become an influencer without necessarily investing money; let's see how.

Influencer how to get started

When you decide to take the road to become an influencer you have to take into account two fundamental principles:

  • Care of the Instagram profile.
  • Consistency in publication.

Care of the Instagram profile: an excellent description of the biography, the profile photo and the graphics of the contents published in the Stories or in the posts are essential elements to have a nice Instagram profile and attract followers, immediately giving the idea of ​​what you are and want to propose to other subscribers of the platform.

Consistency in publication: Followers want to be pampered and like to periodically observe the contents of their favorites. Through constant publication, even of less constructed content, you can make a difference. To stay on topic, read our guide on When to post on Instagram.

How to become an influencer for free

Another very important aspect is being able to understand how to become an influencer without investing prohibitive amounts for advertising or third-party collaborations. In this case the solutions mainly focus on:

  • Choice of platform.
  • Content quality.

Choice of platform: Instagram allows you to subscribe and promote your ideas for free. Also making the most of the Business profile you will have no one-off or additional costs that could weigh on the growth of the account.

Content quality: in order for you to become an influencer it is essential to focus on quality content. This condition depends on the time and desire you will have to build an interesting idea and this has no monetary cost. You will then be able to be the investment of yourself and manage the time and quality of the content according to the objectives.

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How many followers to become an influencer

In the path up how to become an Instagram influencer you also have to think about cold numbers. Often we focus on the very important contents and graphics and then forget that the primary goal is to grow numerically. But how many followers must be to be considered influencers?

From a practical point of view you can be an influencer even with 1.000 followers. Although they may seem like very low numbers, in reality 1.000 to 5.000 followers are technically considered to be nano influencers. In most cases, followers are identified with friends and people with whom you share common interests.

Investigating more deeply, we come across well-defined nomenclatures that establish the rank of an influencer, namely: nano, micro, mid tier, macro and mega.

  • Nano: as already mentioned are the influencers with a number of subscribers from 1K-5K.
  • Microphone: this term identifies all influencers with a number of followers between 5K-20K.
  • Mid tier: as the etymology from the English language (mid = center) also suggests, this category is placed in the middle between nano influencer and mega influencer. It is created when you have a number of subscribers from 20K-100K.
  • Macro: all macro influencers can be considered highly renowned influencers. These feature a number of Instagram followers ranging from a minimum of 100K to a maximum of 1M.
  • Mega: it is easy to deduce how the most prestigious category refers to all those who have exceeded one million followers on their Instagram profile.

Analyzing the different types of influencers, relating them to the cold numbers, it may seem like a very complicated climb. Don't be intimidated by the data and focus your energy on producing content that may interest even a very small number of users, giving you excellent results.

Many influencers also have more than 500.000 followers but do not have constant interaction and relevant economic feedback; this is due in many cases to the lack of empathy with the public. Very small influencers, on the other hand, have managed to create a relationship of loyalty with followers and to obtain exceptional economic results.

How much does an influencer earn on Instagram

We are sure that as the numbers grow you will also have wondered what the earnings can be with Instagram. You will surely have guessed that although the number of followers significantly affects the overall income of an influencer, in reality even a small community can guarantee great satisfaction if you are constantly active.

Placing us in an ideal condition, Instagram calculates the income of an influencer based on two essential parameters:

  • Number of followers.
  • Average interaction rate.

In order not to make turns of words, a Micro influence earns on average about 30 euros for each post.

By increasing the two previous values ​​you can come across, with a number of followers of 30 thousand followers, in a variable income per post between 100 euros and 180 euros.

I Macro influence on the other hand, they can reach considerably higher figures. It is estimated, in fact, that this category can earn even 500 euros or 1.000 euros per post if there is a significant interaction.

We know that you are curious to know how much they earn or can earn Mega influencer, but as it is easy to deduce from the exponential progression of the previous values, the figures are intuitive.

A Mega influencer can earn 1-2 thousand euros per post depending on the interactions and sponsors. To give you a more concrete idea, just analyze the official data they place Cristiano Ronaldo in first place for average post earnings: 600.000 euros. In Spain the absolute queen is Chiara Ferragni with 52.300 euros for each published post.

How to become a product influencer

Very interesting topic is becoming an influential person of sponsored products or of great fame. But how is it possible to practically become one? The first step lies in the subscribe to a Business profile on Instagram.

  • Launch the Instagram app.
  • Tap the little man icon at the bottom right.
  • Tap on the menu at the top right (icon with three overlapping dashes).
  • Toccata Settings.
  • Stop on Account.
  • Toccata Switch to a professional account, Choosing from Creator (public figure) or Company.

The switch is completely free and will allow you, in addition to earning with Instagram, also to take advantage of the data display on your profile with Insight, helping you improve post and content management.

Once the Business profile has been authorized, you will be able to proceed marketing affiliations. This condition allows you to choose the product you want to sell, use the promotional methods you love and automate the processes directly from your Instagram profile to the sales platform.

Affiliation with Amazon is certainly the most inflated one, but you can contact many other companies that want to advertise on your profile.

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How to become a baby influencer

Not only do adults want to show off on Instagram, in many cases it is also the little ones who want to share thoughts and content on this platform. Legally, Instagram allows children with at least 13 years of age to sign up, it is therefore at the discretion of the parents to create a profile if they are younger.

If you are a boy who does not exceed 13 years of age or is just over them, talk to your parents and compare with them about what you want to do on the web; they will be able to show you the right way to become a conscious influencer.

To date in Spain there is no law that regulates the presence of baby influencers. It is possible to refer to the rules that regulate the presence of minors in commercial entertainment, sporting and cultural activities.

La France it was the first country to have issued one a few months ago European law for baby influencers. The objective of this law is to regulate the presence of minors on social platforms, protecting their economic and image aspects.

By approving this law, Europe will be able to understand the importance of regulating the Web world especially for minors, also defined as “fragile subjects”.

The best influencer marketing agencies

If one day you manage to become an influencer you can try to rely on an agency to take care of your communication strategy and relationships with large companies. In Spain there are several experts in the field ofinfluence marketing, here's a list to keep and take into consideration:

  • Pulse Advertising
  • HelloSociety
  • ZEFR
  • Mediakix
  • IQ Agency
  • Collectively
  • Everywhere

If before relying on an agency you want calculate the value of your Instagram Profile you can take advantage of the Influencer MarketingHub site. Just enter your Instagram username and wait a few seconds to find out how much a sponsored post on your Instagram Profile could be worth.

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