How to ask Aruba to obscure personal data on Whois

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Did you notice that by browsing on Whois are your personal data clearly visible to everyone? Do you want to hide your personal data from Whois? Do you use the Aruba hosting service? In this post we explain to you how to ask Aruba to obscure personal data on Whois.

First let's clarify what Whois is. Whois is the database in which all the information regarding the holders of domain names.

Whois is publicly available and consequently everyone can view and read information about the domain. This will make it possible identify the holder of a domain name immediately.

How to ask Aruba to obscure personal data on Whois

However, many Webmasters do not like this violation of privacy and are often forced to contact their Hosting to ask for their personal data on Whois to be blocked.

For those who have a on Aruba, there is the possibility of obscuring or making your personal data public on Whois, just send the following documents by fax to the number 0575/862000 or via Ticket in Aruba Assistance:

  • Module Modification Consent to publish personal data Whois, attached to this Article.
  • Front-back copy of a valid and legible identity document (identity card, driving license, passport) of the Holder or of the Legal Representative;

Following the request to obscure data on Whois however, the following will remain visible:

  • the name and surname of the holder for i domains assigned to Physical person (whois domain header)
  • The company name / denomination, name and surname of the Legal Representative for i domains assigned to a Legal Person (Bodies / Associations / Companies).

For the domains with an extension other than .com, and available Whois Privacy, which allows you to obscure the public whois and the data of the domain holder.

The service is paid and costs 2 euros per year + VAT and the duration is equal to that of the domain. Whois Privacy can be purchased at any time through the Additional Services section or through the Aruba customer area.

Attention, the service cannot be activated on domains with extension: .com, .eu, .fm, .es, .us,,, and all geographic domains.

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