How to add more smiley faces for Facebook chat

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The famous "emoticons”On smartphones, known as smilies and in some cases as emojili, are nothing more than drawings that enrich chat conversations. For some time they have also been available in Facebook chat, in the conversation window next to the photo button and the text bar, there is the icon for inserting emoticons.

To add new stickers - this is how Facebook emoticons are called - you can install them the Firefox extension, also available for other browsers, which is called "Stickers for FB".

The official page of the extension "Stickers for FB”Is located at the address, below you can select your browser.

The extension installation procedure is the classic one. First you need to give your consent with a simple click on "allow".

Installation is a very quick operation and does not require a browser restart. Just click on "Install adesso".

At this point you have to open the Facebook page, or restart it if it was already open. In the emoticons section of the chat we will find many new stickers.

To deepen the introduction to the extension "Stickers for FB”Just have a look at this video on Vimeo.

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