How do I add the AdSense code to the site?

    Once you have generated the ad code in the AdSense Settings tab by following the steps to choose the colors, format and type of ad, you will need to add the generated code on the web pages. In the final step of the setup process, the code appears in the “Your AdSense Code” text box.

    How do I add the AdSense code to the site?


    This is the code that you will need to cut and paste directly into web pages. Since the HTML editors are different and the layout of the web pages is strictly personal, we cannot give precise instructions on how to copy the ad code on individual pages. However, we can provide some suggestions:

     • Don't forget to copy the ad code into the HTML code without making any changes to the code. This is very important because any code change can cause errors on the page and is a violation of the AdSense program policy.

    • Copy the ad code between the body tags of the HTML code.

    • If you are using a WYSIWYG editor (such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver), it is recommended that you paste the code directly into code view or HTML code. If code is pasted into layout view, HTML tags may be inserted causing errors. For tips on using different web editors, see the Code Implementation Guide.

     • If the site contains frames, make sure you have entered the code in the frame with the main contents of the site.

    This content is used to target ads.When finished, save the web pages and upload them to the server. If you have any questions regarding uploading files to the server, we recommend that you contact the web hosting company that manages the site directly.

    Google ads are immediately posted on the site. Initially, public service ads and non-page targeted ads may appear. In fact, to know which ads to direct to the site it is necessary that the crawl scans the page.

    This may take a few hours at the most, but it usually takes a few minutes. Once our crawler has visited the page, highly targeted ads will be displayed to the information contained therein.

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