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How Clubhouse Works? The new social network that is enjoying enormous success thanks to its peculiarity: the use of the voice to interact with other users.

The principle on which it is based is that of Room, virtual rooms in which to start discussions. Each member can open a Room by becoming its administrator and moderator.

Le Room di Clubhouse

It's possible open a Room in three ways: Open, Social e Closed. The Open Room is open to anyone using the application; the Social room is only available for interconnected people; the room Closed it is closed and is intended only for guests, a bit like what happens with Telegram groups.

The first two types of Rooms are the ones that best favor the integration of users who want to discuss a topic, while the private one is useful for creating a sort of closed group or organizing exclusive events.

Those who enter a public chat room can only listen to the debate in progress, to speak and unlock the microphone they must apply by raising their hand. The room moderator he can give him the right to speak, just as he can give permission to others to speak.

There is no limit of duration of conversations which can go on for several hours. It is possible to leave the room at any time and return later.

The roles in the rooms, therefore, are: Listen, Speaker and Moderator. The latter also checks that all rules are respected and, if not, definitively chases disrespectful users.

How to enter the Clubhouse

Club house was born in April 2020, the boom came only at the beginning of this year, becoming the most talked about social network of the moment and special observed by marketing and communication experts.

Currently, to enter the Clubhouse you must be in possession of a iPhone and receive a specific invitation, because the app can only be downloaded from the App Store. The Android application is still under development and it is not known when it will be released and when the platform will become open to everyone.

It is likely that the founders will use a break-in period to fine-tune it before launching it fully.

Today, the Club house is populated exclusively by experts in communication, politics, media and journalism, startups and marketing.

When this social network is within everyone's reach, it is likely that it will become much more similar to other social networks, maintaining its substantial difference: the voice conversation.

User privacy: conversations cannot be recorded

There are a number of rules for using Clubhouse, the first is to be at least 18 years old; you have to register with your real name and identity; abuses, bullying and harassment are not allowed, as well as discrimination, threats and sharing of private information.

A greater focus on the privacy Clubhouse has nothing written and visible, but only audio note which cannot be registered, shared or downloaded.

Conditions that for now seem to satisfy users who are particularly attentive to privacy, even if it is not certain that, with the greater diffusion of the social network, this thing cannot change or undergo important changes. We will see over time what the founders of the social network will decide.

Clubhouse is at the center of attention especially of those brands that work on brand intimacy, or, to intercept or promote discussions focused on their sector, perhaps with the participation of experts.

Clubhouse reviews: pros and cons

Clubhouse has all the potential to become an important social tool, different from other social networks. Thanks to the model focused on rooms and voice conversations, it can be a great catalyst for discussions related to art, politics and culture and offer new opportunities to promotion for brands and companies.

Potter use voice makes the experience more real and brings subscribers closer, undoubtedly it is a novelty in the panorama of social networks.

Who was lucky enough to be able to try Clubhouse praised the very good audio quality and the absence of background noise. The conversations are pleasant but, to make the difference, it is certainly the ability of the participants to self-discipline, avoiding overlapping during the comparisons.

On the other hand, for now, there is the absence of the application in Android version which greatly limits the spread of the platform. In addition, to highlight the experience of use for now only in English, including settings.

Another difficulty is given by the rooms with many participants in which it is not always easy to understand who is speaking. The profiles are gray and when a user speaks it lights up around the speaker icon, but this does not seem to be enough to make it clear who is intervening in the conversation.

It is evident that there are still a few things to fix in the Clubhouse operation, which is probably why it was not open to everyone.

The developers will work on the application and surely these criticalities will be overcome. According to some rumors, it is possible that the opening of the social network may take place by the end of 2022 but, for now, there are no official confirmations. We'll see.

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