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They have recently been updated byENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) the rules concerning the aerial navigation of drones. If you own a drone it is good that you know what the law says and what the latest news is.

First you need to know that it is necessary to distinguish between model aircraft and APR (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) /SAPR (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems). For aircraft, no insurance is required, while for APR / SAPR it is mandatory. In fact, it is envisaged that for aircraft of less than 500 kg, the insurance must provide for a minimum ceiling of 750.000 SDRs (Special Drawing Right). The DSP is the monetary unit of the International Monetary Fund whose estimated value is approximately € 1,07.

Multicopters used for sporting purposes are considered as aircraft models and do not require authorization, also because they fly up to 70 meters high for a radius of 200 meters. While model airplanes, as they have a professional use, require an authorization for flight. We usually talk about drones weighing more than 2 kg capable of taking pictures, making videos and much more, therefore the authorization issued by the territorial aeronautical authorities is required.

For the pilot of a professional drone it is therefore essential:

  • Fly the drone within your field of view;
  • Manually control the drone;
  • Fly the drone in a space that allows for safe control;
  • Don't fly the drone over people;
  • Do not take off the drone from private land without the owner's consent;
  • Respect people's rights and image rights. Consent is required for the publication of images in which people are recognizable.
  • Do not disturb or create dangers in flying over the ground of others;
  • Do not take off the drone in prohibited areas, such as military zones, power plants;
  • To be able to make public the images of landscapes and land located beyond residential areas;
  • Make sure that the batteries are always charged and that you have spare parts available;
  • Always keep an eye on the camera view.

Among the latest innovations introduced byENAC there is that of being able to fly over urban centers as long as the overflight of groups of people is avoided. For example on the occasion of demonstrations or parades.

Another novelty is the possibility of using drones for the transport of goods, even if the pilots must remain 500 meters from the vehicle which can rise to a maximum of 150 meters above ground level. Finally, a simple, less selective medical examination is also provided for pilots and the obligation to wear vests to allow their identification.

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