Here are the tricks to win on eBay auctions

Here are some tips to save time and money on eBay, the largest online auction site.

Tricks to win on eBay auctions

Here are the tricks to win on eBay auctions

Find less frequented auctions

Those who describe their product to sell in a non-optimal manner often fail to bring an adequate number of buyers to their auction, so the price of the object remains rather low. It is therefore worth looking for:

  • Search in descriptions: some sellers are unaware that eBay search only works on titles, so they put some key terms only in the description. So when you do a search, click on the link Advanced Search, present at the top right of eBay, and in the new screen insert a check in the box Title and description in the section Research. Now enter the keywords to search for and click on Search.
  • Search for errors: typos are often made, for example, "Disci" for "Dischi".

Save on shipping costs

If you buy an item whose seller is from the same city as you, you can opt for the collection by hand, thus saving on shipping costs. To do this, when you do a search, scroll the left sidebar until you find the item Location, click on Choose other, enter your zip code and how many KM you are willing to do, then click on vai. To return to the nationwide search, click See all items on eBay.

Compare prices

If you have found an interesting item, don't get caught up in the relaunching frenzy. Many buyers do this and eventually the auction winner ends up buying used items at even higher prices than the same new products. Check, therefore, the new price of the object you have decided to buy on sites such as Google Shopping or Trovaprezzo, then set a maximum limit to reach as a raise and always also consider the shipping costs.

Watch out for the unreliable

If the seller is not trustworthy, at worst, you may never get the product you paid for. To avoid this, you should always take into account any negative reviews of the user who sells the product you are interested in. To do this, locate the section "Information about the seller"At the top right of the auction page, click on the number of reviews indicated in brackets and finally, click on the number in the" 12 months "column and the" Negative "row to read the negative reviews obtained in the last year.

Save time

On eBay it is advisable to use a PayPal account to pay for purchases. This payment service is free for buyers and allows you to obtain a refund of the purchase made if the goods do not arrive (buyer protection). Furthermore, paying with PayPal the goods are received faster because the payment is immediate. To view offers from sellers who offer PayPal as a payment method, click on Advanced Search, then in the section Results click on the item Payment with Paypal and finally start the search with a click on Search. To restore normal search, click on Reset.

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