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Is called Google Car he was born in'self-driving car. This time the Mountain View giant has managed to outdo itself by making public one of the most technological vehicles in the world.

Basically it is a car with robot face e forma ovoidale, without steering wheel, without pedals and levers, and with only two places. the task of the passengers will be only that of dictate the target commands.

The car drives itself following the instructions in the maps and radar laser from 70 thousand dollars present on the roof and capable of avoiding obstacles and detecting them up to 200 meters away.

However, there is a button that allows the car to stop in an emergency.

Autonomy is approx 160 Km to a maximum speed of 40 Km / h and for the moment the car is pre-programmed and turned on via a button.

Google is still deciding whether to let the car communicate the destination through an on-board navigator, through your smartphone or even, as happens for searches with maps, with the voice.

Production of the first 100 units ready to debut in 2016 on the roads of California will begin shortly. the vehicles will be practical and comfortable and certainly spartan.

Here is the Google Car, the self-driving car

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