Comparison of online couriers: shipping costs and how to register

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In addition to express couriers, there are also i online couriers at home, which save you time and money by making your shipments over the web.

Such express couriers TNT, DHL e UPS they are often preferred to traditional mailing because of theirs quickness ed efficiency. Unfortunately, however, such qualities are matched behind paying high fees.

Online couriers for comparing shipments


In the professional field, shipping costs are reduced by purchasing packages including hundreds of shipments, a solution which, however, can hardly be adopted by a private individual, especially if he only has to send a few shipments per month.

To meet these needs they appeared online shippers who purchase parcels of consignments from couriers so as to be able to offer competitive rates to private individuals as well.

The most widespread among these is SendWeb. A popularity due to both the convenience of prices and ease of use: once registered, just fill in the data regarding the shipment (it is also possible to insure the shipment) and wait for the package to be collected at your home. But SpedireWeb is not the only one, among other similar and reliable services, we also point out

But let's see the shipping costs of the three most used online couriers (the cost varies depending on the weight of the package you want to ship):

Shipping costs for SpedireWeb
€6,98 from 0 kg to 1 kg, €7,98 from 2 kg to 3 kg, €7,98 from 4 kg to 5 kg, €8,98 from 6 kg to 14 kg, €12,98 from 15 Kg to 30 Kg, €14,98 from 31 Kg to 40 Kg, €20,98 from 41 Kg to 50 Kg, €25,98 from 51 Kg to 70 Kg, €29,98 from 71 Kg to 80 Kg, 33,98 €,81 from 90 Kg to XNUMX Kg.
The shipping costs for myShip
€6,35 from 0 kg to 1 kg, €8,85 from 1 kg to 5 kg, €11,85 from 5 kg to 10 kg, €14,85 from 10 kg to 20 kg, €18,85 from 20 Kg to 30 kg, €22,85 from 30 kg to 50 kg, €44,85 from 50 kg to 70 kg.
Shipping costs for€6,69 from 0 kg to 3 kg, €7,69 from 3 kg to 5 kg, €9,69 from 5 kg to 15 kg, €10,69 from 15 kg to 25 kg, €15,82 from 25 Kg to 50 Kg, €31,60 from 50 Kg to 100 Kg.










How to register for the SpedireWeb service

To subscribe to SpedireWeb enter the site and click on SUBSCRIBE Time and fill in the data necessary for registration. If you shop on eBay remember to tick I am an eBay Buyer, to get a 15% discount on the first shipment. Alternatively, you can also register via Facebook.

Once registered, log in to the website of SendWeb. Look for the section Welcome and click on Settings. On this page you will find a list of shipments, tickets and invoices. By clicking on Address book and selecting Add, you can store the addresses you use most often.

In the Ship your package, insert in Withdrawal the place where you want the package to be picked up and in Delivery, the recipient's address. Set the Expected pick-up date and click on Email, entering the order number in Track the shipment you will be able to trace it easily.

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