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Are you looking for the working address of the Cinemalibero website? If you have noticed that the old Cinemalibero address does not work, then I suggest you read this article, you will be able to discover the new updated address.

Please note:: before starting I inform you that SoulTricks assumes no responsibility in the use you make of the information in this article, the purpose of which is only for illustrative purposes and not to promote piracy or the download of copyrighted content.

Cinemalibero: new updated address

The first and simplest solution is to try connecting to this URL:

In the event that this domain should also be unreachable in the future, as these sites are constantly being closed, I recommend that you save this other address as a favorite:

It is the official page of Cinemalibero where the new address is periodically announced. Alternatively if you have Telegram, you can access it from official channel and have all the updates you need.

Cinemalibero closed and not working

If you are trying to access Cinemalibero from an old address and you receive the error message: "The site cannot be reached“, Evidently the site has been blocked by the Spanish authorities. Don't worry, there are several solutions to quickly reach the new Cinemalibero domain, I'll explain how to do it below.

How to access the new Cinemalibero address

Cinemalibero is one of the best sites to watch streaming Spanish movies for free. It offers a high definition content service with the latest movies, TV series, anime and much more.

The site is easy to consult: at the top of the home page you can see a menu with the possibility of searching for films by genre and viewing the latest updates included. To start watching movies and TV shows on Cinemalibero, you need to sign up and access around 7 movie titles that you can also download at high speed.

There are other ways to access the new Cinemalibero domain. Let's see them all.

1. Change of DNS

A good alternative is to change the DNS on your computer or mobile device. DNS allows you to bypass the restrictions applied by your provider and access sites that are blocked or blocked in our country. The best are those from Google, Open DNS and CloudFlare. For more information I suggest you take a look at these guides on how to change DNS manually: How to change DNS on Windows 10 and How to use Google's DNS. For Mac from Apple you can try: Namebench, while for Android and iOS, I recommend Faster & Safer Internet.

If you are not practical, Dns Jumper is a free option to help you change DNS quickly and easily.

2. Use a VPN

The VPN (Private Virtual Network) is also a good solution to allow you to surf anonymously and with the privacy you need on sites like Cinemalibero. No one will be able to track you and you can download unlimited high definition movies as and when you want.

For more information you can consult our guides on: The best free VPNs and The best VPNs for Spain.

3. Browser con privacy

Downloading a Privacy Browser will give you a way to leave Google and access blocked sites. Of the browsers that allow you to browse uncensored, the best is DuckDuckGo, but StartPage and QWant are equally good.

4. Using a Web Proxy 

Even Web Proxies are a valid solution to browse in peace and overcome the restrictions imposed on a particular site. Read this guide on the Best Free Web Proxies and you will find out what we are talking about.

Old Cinemalibero addresses

Here is a short list of Cinemalibero addresses to stay away from as they are no longer functional or preferably to be avoided.


The alternatives to Cinemalibero

  • CB01
  • TantiFilm
  • MyMovies live
  • PopCornTV
  • Paramount Movies

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