CB01 new address today

CB01 is the best streaming site to watch movies and TV series, here is the new updated address of the original site.

Did you notice that CB01 ex CineBlog01, the well-known free movie streaming site, no longer works? Do you want to know the new address CB01? I recommend that you read this guide and you will find out if CB01, formerly cineblog01, is still reachable today.

Before we begin, I remind you that SoulTricks it does not want to encourage piracy in any way or viewing copyrighted content and reiterates that this guide is for illustrative purposes only.

CB01 new address 2022

The new CB01 address is: https://cb01.boutique

On this page you will always find the latest CB01 address, the guide to access it, the links to download the Android and iOS apps and to connect to its Telegram channel with new releases and TV series. The CB01 Facebook page no longer exists.

In case of problems with the link written above, you can try with the official link: https://cb01.community/.

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CB01 does not work

CB01 not working? Stuck? Locked down? If trying to access CB01 you got the message "Unable to reach this site“, Don't worry, in the next lines I will reveal all the ways to access the new CB01 domain.

The different ways to access the new address CB01

CB01 is the best site to stream movies for free without registration in Spanish. In our country it has been darkened and closed several times, yet it still manages to be alive and well today.

The strength of this site is in its great catalog with various multimedia contents in Spanish and the viewing of recent and past films, with also trailers and posters, without blocking or invasive advertising.

In recent years, many have been born  clone of CB01, proposing itself as the new CB01 site, but the original has always remained only one.

1. A viable solution to access CBo1 is change the DNS on your PC, smartphone, tablet or other device. If you don't know how to do it, I suggest you read these guides:

  • How to change DNS Windows 10
  • How to use Google DNS
  • Change DNS on Android and iOS

In case of difficulty I suggest you download Dns Jumper, change the configuration of your DNS with a simple click.

2. Another solution is to try use a VPN. In this regard you can read these guides:

  • Best VPNs for Spain
  • The best free VPNs
  • Best VPN routers

3. To access the new CB01 link and all blocked or blacked-out sites, you can try to take advantage of the best browsers for privacy and anonymous browsing through the DuckDuckGo search engine.

4. Finally through Unblockit, a free site without registration that allows you to access the main torrent sites, streaming sports, movies and TV series, books to download for free and much more, you can easily watch CB01 streaming movies even in case of blackout.

Old addresses CB01

Avoid old addresses like cineblog01 eu and the ones in the list below:

  • cb01.eu
  • cb01.uno
  • cb01.rocks
  • cb01.zone
  • cb01.pw
  • cb01.me
  • cb01.movie
  • cb01.tv
  • cb01.zona
  • cb01.one
  • cb01.link
  • cb01.co
  • cb01.gallery
  • cb01.events
  • cb01.wales
  • cb01.support

This article will always be kept updated to notify you of the new working address of the CB01 site.

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