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As disdire Teletu? In this post we will explain how to give cancellation of the subscription to Teletu, the procedure to follow, the forms to fill in and send, and any costs to be incurred. 

As for the other telephone companies to carry out the Teletu cancellation, which replaced the old Teledue, it is necessary, as required by the Bersani decree, to send a registered letter with return receipt with 30 days notice from the request to close the service.

Since the Teletu ADSL line lasts one year, the cost of deactivation of the service is 60€, More 15€ if it was hired a modem (you can call the number 848 99 1022 to arrange with the operator the collection from your home by an express courier).

The letter for the Teletu cancellation must be sent to:

  • Teletu
  • P.O. Box 1022
  • 88046 - San Pietro Lametino (CZ)

and must contain:

  • Name and surname
  • Telephone number of the line in question
  • Client code
  • Tax Code
  • Date for which deactivation is requested (consider 30 days after the date of sending the registered letter)

You will have to attach the photocopy of an identity document and fiscal Code of the service holder.

Here is a Teletu cancellation form:

Mitt: Name and Surname




Dear. Teletu

P.O. Box 1022

San Pietro Lamentino (CZ)

OBJECT: Cancellation of the ADSL subscription telephone line n. 00/00000000 - customer code 00000

I, the undersigned ……………… .. born in ……………… .. on …………………… .. CF …………………………… ..

I am hereby expressing my will to withdraw from the ADSL contract stipulated with your company with effect from …………………….

Looking forward to receiving your reply by e-mail ............... .. or by telephone at the number ..................
I offer,


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