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Without a doubt, cryptocurrencies are one of the most interesting assets of recent times. But what are the prospects for any investments in 2020?

Cryptocurrencies are gods digital and decentralized currencies, that is, not subject to the control of banking or government entities. They are based on cryptographic systems, so as to make transactions made exclusively online more secure. Also, in this case, it is possible to carry out exchanges anonymously, so that you do not necessarily have to provide your personal data.

Despite the many negative opinions and mistrust of this completely innovative asset, it is impossible to deny the infinite potential of digital currencies.

Why buy Bitcoin? The answer is very simple: the newly released Bitcoin cost 0,49 cents, now it has the highest market capitalization of 25 billion.

This shows that the cryptocurrency market is always at the center of major exchanges on the market, establishing itself as an asset to be exploited for one's own advantage.

One of the most recommended solutions to take advantage of such an attractive market is rely on an online broker.

Cryptocurrencies: predictions for 2020

The estimates regarding the growth of cryptocurrencies are more than positive!

By analyzing Bitcoin exclusively, many analysts believe that investor interest will not only lead to an increase in the value of the same, but will have good repercussions on the entire sector!

Starting from 24 October 2019, when the Chinese president gave credibility to blockchain technology and, consequently to crypto, there has already been an increase in prices.

It was a more than profitable month for Bitcoin: recorded a higher price than gold.

For 2020, according to the most optimistic analysts, BTC could reach a value of 2 million dollars!

Of course, these are not 100% certain and reliable predictions and not everyone agrees with such positive opinions.

How to invest in Bitcoin?

One of the best choices to properly invest in Bitcoin is to rely on an online trading CFD platform, reliable and totally free of commissions! We have analyzed the three most appreciated by the community currently!


Industry leader for its revolutionary character, presents a platform that can be used by all types of traders. Among the various strengths of this broker, it is necessary to focus on the two main innovations that have totally renewed the practice of online investments: Social e Copy Trading. Therefore, this is the first online trading network on which it is possible copy the operations carried out by the best investors selected by us! This has a twofold advantage: earning now and learning by observing established investors.

IQ Option

A platform that is now globally appreciated, has a high number of users. The main feature, as well as the strength of this broker, is the extreme ease that distinguishes the interface of your platform. Furthermore, IQ Option has the merit of making the world of online investments more accessible: the deposit account is only 10 euros!

24 Option

A broker widely appreciated by the online trading community, it presents numerous useful tools for invest in a conscious and successful way even if you are a beginner!

In fact, in addition to presenting a friendly and clear interface, 24 Option is also attentive to the training of its users. Indeed, offers a free online guide to its members, so as to be able to acquire the necessary knowledge and avoid making mistakes.

It is a material recommended even by the most experts, as it is considered a more than valid support to fill financial gaps. To test the effectiveness of the theory acquired, the less experienced can start with a demo account. A trading simulation through which it is possible to invest on the cryptocurrency market with virtual money, so as to verify the strategies developed without taking real risks!

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